May 13, 2019

.ART premium names price change!

Premium names have always been the most desired and generated most of the revenue for both the registry and the registrars. Moreover, renewal rate for premiums has been 90%. With this price change even more premium names will be available to be registered, which will facilitate sales and larger margins for .ART premium names.

.ART premium names price change!

Art is everywhere and .ART is for everyone. Following the “right name to the right hands” principle, .ART provided many creative entities with corresponding .ART domain names. However, it’s time for a change.

While .ART believes that the algorithmic pricing model has provided the most thorough and analytical approach to date for domain valuation, we also recognize that reducing the number of tiers will encourage premium name purchases, filling the .ART community with new creative members. It will also remove sale barriers for previously inactive registrars.

.ART is releasing a number of exciting reserved names for sale and reducing the number of pricing tiers, which will make premium names more accessible.

The new pricing will take effect on 14 May 2019 11:00:00 UTC

Go turn your life into .ART!