Jul 5, 2019

Domain sales seasonality

Coats are mostly bought in the autumn, umbrellas during the rainy season, and you probably don’t start thinking about your Halloween costume until a week before. Turns out domain sales have seasonality too. There is sales growth from January to April, downturn from May to August with the following sales growth in September-November and slowdown in December. The seasonal factor influences not only new gTLD domains, but also gTLD and ccTLD domains. This excludes significant influence of possible hype around new gTLD on seasonal distribution of sales.

Main sources of information on number of domain names to carry out this research were www.namestat.org, www.domainstatistics.online, www.statdom.ru, www.denic.de, www.cnnic.com.cn. New gTLD domains with stable growth with more than 30 000 users .online, .world, .shop, .one, .loan, .store and .life have been analyzed.

Among widespread/popular domains the following domains were chosen for review: .com, .ru (Russia), .de (Germany), .cn (China).

Main stages on the graph:

  1. Leap in growth rate of domain names falls on Jan, Feb and Nov – apparently time for marketing campaigns and sales promotion;
  2. Natural sales growth;
  1. Seasonal downturn in growth rate of domain names – min increase in August – that is probably caused by decline in business activity during vacation period;
  2. Seasonal growth rate of domain names;
  3. Decline in growth rate. Often happens as result of stimulation campaigns in November.

Increase/downturn in the number of domain names may be abrupt and gradual. Abrupt changes are due to campaigns and the following numerous refusals to renew registration while gradual changes reflect organic sales and the seasonal factor. All in all, seems like no one buys domains in the summer – good weather and decreased screen time!

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