Moscow Gallery hosts exhibition of the contemporary artist Mikhail Shkanin

Moscow’s Vostochnaya Gallery is hosting "From different sides", an exhibition of pandemic-inspired works by .ART adopter Mikhail Shkanin till January 16th, 2022.

Above: “Movement” by Mikhail Shkanin, 2021

Moscow’s Vostochnaya Gallery is hosting “From different sides”, an exhibition of pandemic-inspired works by .ART adopter Mikhail Shkanin till January 16th, 2022.

“The exhibition shows a movement towards the unknown, towards when you can face something that cannot be explained, with something that is much larger than you. And it isn’t you who decides which side to choose, colors or black & white”,- says the author.

Mikhail Shkanin graduated from the Kiev Architectural Institute, while studying at the Academy of Arts under the tutorship of Zoya Lerman. During his studies, two personal exhibitions of Mikhail Shkanin were held: his works took part in the All-Ukrainian exhibition of painting, in a group exhibition of Kiev artists in the gallery “on Khreshchatyk” and in an exhibition under the auspices of the spiritual foundation “Spadshchina”.

Moscow-based artist Mikhail Shkanin

Since moving to Moscow in 2000, Shkanin’s works have been presented at his personal exhibitions at the Central House of Artists (Moscow, Russia), Galerie Viktoria Dessaules (Montreux, Switzerland), under the auspices of the literary club “Basement No. 1” and as part of several group exhibitions. The artist’s paintings are part of private collections in Kiev, Kharkov, Moscow, Helsinki, Paris, Bussy and Montreux.

Presented paintings were made during the onset of the pandemic and the first lockdown. Through the change of textures and color palette, they reflect the transition from a lack of understanding of what is happening to thoughts, feelings of fear, uncertainty and then acceptance and choice.

“On the grid” by Mikhail Shkanin

“It feels like you have lost color, by analogy well known to us as loss of smell; the rhythm remained, but it also cannot develop, and all the time it collides with strange images, separately existing parts of the human figure. Work “On the grid”: you are caught, now the eye is considering you separately, the mouth has swum away, teeth, hands, everything exists separately and is open to blow. And then the performance is played out. In my painting “Representation”, in particular, the color comes back, but it already has a certain refraction, the shape does not coincide with the color spot, it still cannot exist harmoniously and breaks up into different spots. ” – says the artist himself.

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