Apr 23, 2018

Salvador Dali's Lobster Phone Goes for Sale in London

You’re British, love shellfish and art? You’ve got a unique chance to become an owner of a Salvador Dali’s masterpiece. We’re talking about “Lobster Telephone (White Aphrodisiac)” that is currently on sale in Britain. The price of the object is £853,047 (plus VAT of £29,000). Right now it’s banned from export, as British officials want to preserve the masterpiece for the nation.

“White Aphrodisiac” is one of the 11 lobster phones commissioned in 1938 by Edward James, the English poet, visionary, patron and close friend to some of the most significant surrealists. James helped design the series inspired by a lobster shell landing on the phone during the dinner. Each of the telephones is a unique and important piece in the history of surrealist art.