In the first three weeks of .ART General Availability (GA), launched on the 10th of May, .ART has been joined by Amazon, Walmart, Gagosian Gallery, Palazzo Strozzi, Moscow Museum of Modern Art, Swatch Group, La Prairie, Migros and many other famous, innovative, creative institutions and individuals.

François Pinault, head of one of the world’s leading luxury empires, started to create his online estate on .ART, having purchased a cloud of names for his upcoming collection opening, which will be hosted at the Bourse de Commerce (Paris).  His two great exhibition spaces in Venice – Palazzo Grassi and Punta della Dogana – were also put on the .ART map, with their current exhibition of Damien Hurst “Sea Monster” acquiring a special place with

Zurab Tsereteli, a Georgian-Russian painter, sculptor and architect, President of the Russian Academy of Arts and founder of Moscow Museum of Modern Art, is a new .ART adopter, having purchased and

Fondation Beyeler (Switzerland) registered 36 new domains, setting a .ART record for the biggest word cloud – so far! Swatch Group has purchased various names for its projects, including for its artist residence. La Prairie, the Swiss cosmetics leader, acquired two domain names.  Switzerland’s largest retail company, Migros, has registered for its collection of artworks.

We also registered over 70 names of galleries, including,, and for the Moscow Contemporary Art Center.

More than anything, we like our users to benefit from their domains. Which is why we are happy to see great websites being used by the creative community to promote and sell their art. and are great examples.

And if you drop by the Venice Biennale, which is on until the 26th of November, do check out the Intuition exhibition at Palazzo Fortuny, which includes works by our early .ART adopter Marina Abramovic! You can find out more about the entire parallel microcosm of this exhibition at

BESMARTLOVE.ART! (This one has already been sold, but there are plenty more to choose from!)