Celebrity painters… How talented can one get?

August 7, 2017

Two years ago, Adrien Brody, famous for his role in the movie “Pianist”, put his acting career on hold to pursue painting. Having been rejected from art school at a young age, he always felt the need to fulfill his creative passion. A few months ago, Brad Pitt opened up about his artistic endeavors. As astonishing as it might seem, they aren’t the pioneers.

Lucy Liu isn’t just a pretty face, or Tarantino’s muse – she is a very talented abstract artist. For years she has painted under the pseudonym Yu Ling. Recently, however, she started exhibiting openly and claiming recognition for her work.

Before becoming the face of glam rock and an overall legend, musician David Bowie studied art and design, and has been painting ever since. His art evokes a depth and surrealism, also representative of his music inclinations.

Bob Dylan, Patti Smith, Jack Kerouac, Marlon Brando, Vanessa Paradis, Tim Burton… all the people Johnny Depp painted portraits of. He also paints his boots – a lot – due to the very emotional link he has with them (not sure if it’s all the same pair though).

Bob Dylan himself painted a lot and even published a few books of Matisse-influenced artwork.

Jim Carrey has been drawing and painting since he was a young child, has a cabin in Canada he uses as a painting studio and an actual artist studio in LA. He also employs his own technique of slashing the canvas, to sometimes stitch it back together.

James Franco… Well of course he paints too. He’s been exhibited at MOMA, Tate Modern Occasionally some of his artwork goes on sale for veeeeeery reasonable prices at the Treason Gallery in Seattle.

Finally, Prince Charles of the Windsor family is a painter. What does he paint? British scenery, of course! Very un-scandalous choice.

This is quite a few names, but we only just scratched the surface. Bono of U2, actress Jane Seymour, Viggo Mortenson, Beyoncé (who did purchase a .ART domain), Michael Jackson, Marilyn Monroe, Sylvester Stallone… The list goes on to prove that someone who has one talent probably has more.

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