Sponge Carpet 2. Courtesy of We Make Carpets

The Amsterdam collective is comprised of Bob, Marcia and Stijn. They work harmoniously, synergistically and intuitively, usually without a plan. They see value and find beauty in objects that most of us would immediately write off: party hats, paper clips, pine needles, even band-aids.

Umbrella Carpet. Courtesy of We Make Carpets

Creation of the whimsical installations often entails the painstaking placement of tens of thousands of objects. Whilst the work is a labour of love, the artists have complained of various injuries from the physical aspect of their work.

Whilst the works are not designed to be touched, the artists believe that their works should be experienced up close and from afar. Viewers are encouraged to express their curiosity and interact with the works. As a result, fingerprints have found their way onto the works and, once, a nibble was taken from the corner of the ‘Candybar’ carpet.

Here are a few more of our favorite works by WMC:

Fork Carpet. Courtesy of We Make Carpets

Candy Bar Carpet. Courtesy of We Make Carpets

Carpet Carpet. Courtesy of We Make Carpets.