For the world’s creative community

.ART is for the world’s creative community in all its diverse forms.

This domain goes way beyond the visual arts to embrace performance, decorative arts, applied arts, literature, film, music, education, collectables and could even take in cookery and sport.

Registrants include:

  • Places: museums, galleries, theatres, cinemas, opera houses, multi-disciplinary arts centres, philharmonic orchestras.
  • People: authors, dealers, curators, professional and student artists, collectors; designers, architects, makers, buyers, educators, photographers.
  • Service providers: finance and lending, insurance, transportation, PR and marketing, consultancies, materials and supplies, architecture firms, art fairs and events, auction houses, design houses, photography studios, film studios.
  • Education and not-for-profits: government departments, non-profit associations, foundations, art schools, colleges, universities.
  • Media: publishers, magazines and publications.

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