Responsibly advancing the art world through technology and creativity.


The rights holder in charge of operating and selling the .ART domain is UK Creative Ideas Ltd. (UKCI), an international team based in London.

In spring 2016 UKCI signed an agreement with ICANN, the Internet Corporation for Assigned Names and Numbers, to be the exclusive operator of the top-level domain.

Our team is passionate about art as well as technology, and completely dedicated to making .ART the world’s successful creative domain.

We are committed to preserving current and historical treasures for the future.

Our vision is to responsibly advance the art world through technology and creativity.

Our mission is to create a global community; to build new territory on the internet that is dedicated to world of arts and culture.

Over time, the .ART registry will collaborate with the art community to invent new and exciting digital services in the name of art and creativity.