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Digital presence

Building a Strong Digital Presence

We support and encourage schools, teachers and students to focus on building the necessary skills to develop a stronger digital presence, while providing special pricing for .art domains and a free of charge and simple to use websites, which support students in their learning journey as professional artists.

Collaborative approach

Collaborative Approach

Our school programme aims to be completely inclusive, along with it being co-developed with students, teachers, businesses and alumni, which will help towards ensuring that the solutions we deliver are relevant and meet the direct needs of students pursuing a degree in the arts.

Easy Onboarding

An integral part of an artist’s success is the presentation of their artistic statement and CV to connect with potential collectors and patrons. The programme is developed to offer key ready-made solutions that can help students easily establish their online resume and successfully navigate the digital space.

Free to join

Once your school is qualified, we provide you with an onboarding package for your students.

Tailored to each school

We work together with your team to identify your preferred approach at introducing .art offering based on the best practices.

Open to all educational bodies

Whether you are interested in introducing a new practical skills class at your art department or run a small art club — get in touch!

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