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If you already have a .ART domain and want to share your project, story and creative tips with the world, contact us!
If you have a .ART domain and want to share your story with the world, contact us!
The number of art objects in the world is steadily growing. Good news, but how does it translate into real life art accessibility?
Adopter stories: “I am a multipotentialite”
Perry Knoppert is a multidisciplinary entrepreneur whose projects range from TV-show hosting to supporting the art world by connecting its various players. .ART talked to Perry about the exp...
Top 5 Blockchain Art Projects
Blockchain is everywhere but its uses are more versatile than one might think. From symbolic depicti...
Inside Out – essays by an art journalist. Essay 6: one of a kind.
What is remarkable about art? Its uniqueness. This essay from our Inside Out series explores the rep...
Why humans value certain objects
How story behind an object determines its value and cost
ICANN to host first-ever dot-brand auction
Two chemical corporate giants are fighting for a domain name in court
Getting criticized for charity
Here’s a curious case. At .ART, we have various charity initiatives. But after sending out an e-mail...
Inside Out – essays by an art journalist. Essay 5: deception.
The fifth essay from the new .ART blog series, written by our art world spy is on deception in the a...
The future of provenance
Patchwork Provenance of the World’s Most Expensive Painting Underscores the Need for Better Record K...
Adopter stories: «Сreativity is agony with rare moments of enlightenment»
Interview with Katerina Belkina, a German mixed media art creator and Hasselblad award winner
Israeli Shalva Band won people’s hearts at Eurovision
An emotional performance by the Israeli band made up of musicians with disabilities won the audience...
Inside Out – essays by an art journalist. Essay 4: sound.
Sound in visual arts is like colour in music. It is something that we cannot visualize directly. Or ...
.ART premium names price change!
Premium names have always been the most desired and generated most of the revenue for both the regis...
How we got here – the history of .ART
We've come a long way!
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