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If you already have a .ART domain and want to share your project, story and creative tips with the world, contact us!
If you have a .ART domain and want to share your story with the world, contact us!
Adopter stories: «Art is far too important to be accessed just by the few»
ArtBrowser is a hybrid between a social network and an art e-commerce platform making art market accessible for everyone.
How Burning Man got political – reflecting on “The Wall” by Tom Herck
Burning Man 2019 might be over, but discussions are still brewing. Artist Tom Herck explains what inspired him to produce one of the first ever political artwork of the festival.
Durer’s unknown work was allegedly found in a souvenir shop of a Viennese Cathedral.
A drawing dating back to the XVI century was accidentally discovered on the wall of Cathedral of St....
2020, the year mindful digital consumption will finally trend. Interview with media theorist Geert Lovink
In our race to perfect digital environments, have we forgotten to write safety instructions and...
The Changing Art Scene: How .ART Domains Are Taking Artists Online
Guest article written by True Tamplin of 101domain, an accurate summary of what .ART stands for.
A young artist above style and beyond time.
See the works of the young artist Medina Kasimova at the Triumph Gallery till January 19th, 2020.
.ART founder Ulvi Kasimov gifts two 17th century commendation letters to a museum
Bought at a Bonhams auction, the relics are surrounded by mystery as to how they ended up preserved...
“I have constant FOMO and I am obsessed with art.” – Interview with Marie-Eve Lafontaine
An independent curator and advisor working across media and disciplines, Marie-Eve Lafontaine talks...
Modern Azerbaijani art at the Triumph gallery
“Off the velvet chest” is the tenth in the EXTENSION series aimed at creating a dialogue in...
Adopter stories: “Because what I'm doing is art, albeit not in its classical sense.”
Roman Korotkin and Vadim Silkopryad about relict tables for a tea ceremony from Bali and a tea club...
ART takes part in Art Basel Miami
The .ART team talks Digital Twin and digital ecosystem at a panel hosted by CADAF, the only existing...
5 things that the art world can do to lower its carbon footprint
Save the planet – go digital. Life hacks from Art Basel Miami.
.ART offering special terms for non-profits, trademark owners and a range of creatives
In our age of corporate instability, it might be hard for non-profit organisations and creatives to...
Maurizio Cattelan’s Banana Goes Viral
As Maurizio Cattelan’s banana achieves viral-status, what does it say about the value placed on...
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