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Why social networks should not be trusted as easily as they are
Your art should be protected from turns of fortune, data breaches and… social media apocalypse.
How to choose the perfect domain name for your art website
Your name goes ahead of you. Your domain name will go ahead of your art. The power of names affects first impressions more than we realise. And first impressions shape our relationships.
How to protect your art on the web
Today’s reality is digital, so if you’re a modern artist it’s highly probable that your artworks are...
Everyone needs their own digital home on the Internet
By guest writer Bijai Jayarajan, entrepreneur, Houm Technology Singapore
Portfolio on .ART: How to showcase your creative work in 4 simple steps
At .ART, the world’s most creative online space for artists, we’re all about celebrating art and inn...
Social media is an office you rent, while a website is a home you own
Many of us might feel like websites belong in the era of early Internet, with its dial-up access and...
New .ART Feature: Make Your Website In Minutes
The intuitive website builder is now available at .ART’s flagship store