What is .ART

.ART is a new top-level domain created for the international art and culture community. Above all, it is a way for individuals and institutions within the art sector to identify themselves with the art world, quickly and easily. It is the new digital address for all members of the arts.

.ART mission is to responsibly advance the art world through technology and creativity; to create a global community and to build new territory on the internet that is dedicated to the world of arts and culture. We will collaborate with the artistic and cultural community to invent new and exciting digital services in the name of art and creativity.

.ART Values


.ART will become the ultimate signifier of ‘belonging’ to the art world.


The .ART business model is built around extracting value from words. The shorter and more popular the word, the greater the value. We are selling a unique alchemy of key words.


.ART will equip both people and objects with a digital voice and presence.


.ART is inclusive. We want everyone to find a way to be inspired by the arts.


Over time .ART will become a rich source of ‘big data’, drawing on global preferences and social behaviour. Developing search capabilities is a priority, enabling the art community to find and be found on the .ART platform.


.ART is a vast directory of addresses that has the power to create a limitless cloud of connections online.


.ART will educate the art world about technology, and bring the timeless principles of art to the attention of other industries, as well as individuals.

About .ART

.ART is an open and flexible platform, enabling its adopters to better pursue their strategy and foster development. Our core values are: inspiring, connecting and educating. The community formed by the web address .ART will serve as a base for the unifying interconnected structure aimed at finding solutions to newly emerging digital global challenges.

.ART is not just another domain zone, over time our mission is to collaborate with the artistic and cultural community to invent new and exciting digital services in the name of art and creativity. It is a creative and playful online space with limitless opportunities to build bridges between physical and intangible, historical and innovative, timeless and trendy.

The art-community leader in charge of operating and selling the .ART domain is UK Creative Ideas Ltd. (UKCI), led by an international team based in London.UKCI is the exclusive operator of the .ART top-level domain. In spring 2016 .ART was delegated into the root zone of the Domain Name System. Our team is passionate about art, technology and the marriage of those two – and completely dedicated to making .ART the world’s most creative domain.

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