About .ART

.ART provides relevant web products to help creative individuals and art organizations become visible in the online space.

At .ART, we have adopted the Gilbert & George motto «TO BE WITH ART IS ALL WE ASK» as our own. Dedicated to support culture in a variety of forms, .ART empowers members of the artistic community to make strong statements in the online space. With .ART, one can create clear and concise websites, website names and email addresses that instantly define one’s values and beliefs.

.ART was launched in 2016. Right from the start it was adopted by the art leaders, including Marina Abramovic Institute, ICA London, Creative Time, White Wall Magazine, TeamLab, Uovo, Sheng Wei among many others. With offices in Los Angeles, Moscow and Beijing, .ART is headquartered in London. It is lead by the international team of professionals dedicated to the goal of making .ART the world’s most creative website address.

.ART Values


.ART will become the ultimate signifier of ‘belonging’ to the art world.


The .ART business model is built around extracting value from words. The shorter and more popular the word, the greater the value. We are selling a unique alchemy of key words.


.ART will equip both people and objects with a digital voice and presence.


.ART is inclusive. We want everyone to find a way to be inspired by the arts.


Over time .ART will become a rich source of ‘big data’, drawing on global preferences and social behaviour. Developing search capabilities is a priority, enabling the art community to find and be found on the .ART platform.


.ART is a vast directory of addresses that has the power to create a limitless cloud of connections online.


.ART will educate the art world about technology, and bring the timeless principles of art to the attention of other industries, as well as individuals.

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