Want to find out more about the practicalities of getting a .ART domain? Discover the ins and outs of embracing the .ART world by checking out our FAQs.

If you do not get the information you need from our FAQs, please contact us.

What is the Preferred Access Period?

Q. What is the Preferred Access Period?

A. The Preferred Access Period is an exclusive registration phase during which the .ART domain is available to members of the art world.

Q. When does it start and end?

A. The Preferred Access Period runs between 8 February and 9 May 2017. 

Q. Will I need to prove that I am a member of the art world?

A. As part of the Preferred Access Period check-out process we will ask for information about your area of interest and activity in the arts. We reserve the right to cancel domain name registrations that do not adhere to our policies.

How do I get a .ART domain name?

Q. What is the domain registration process?

  1. To register your .ART domain name:
  2. Search for your ideal domain name here, from 8 February 2017 onwards.
  3. Register for an account.
  4. Fill in your personal details on verification form together with your connection with the art world.
  5. Provide payment details.

Once you have completed the registration process, our online store will explain how best to use your new .ART domain.

Q. How do I know if my requested name is available?

A. You can check the availability of your requested domain name during the Preferred Access Period by searching for it here.

Q. What is an invitation token?

A.It is a unique token that allows eligible art world members to register .ART domains during Preferred Access Period. It is an alpha-numeric token made up of 32 characters and looks something like this:

Q. Where can I get my invitation token?

A.We and our carefully chosen partners will send out invitation tokens to as many eligible art world players as we can. If you have not received one, simply start by searching for a .ART domain on art.art and during the customer journey, you will be asked to complete a verification form through which you will receive an invitation token.

Q. What is the verification form?

A.It is a form that allows an interested party to identify themselves as part of the art world by providing a few essential details. Once the form is correctly completed and submitted, our system will capture the information and issue an invitation token.

Q. My art category is not listed on the verification form. Does it mean I am ineligible?

A.No, it does not. Please choose “other” in the dropdown menu where indicated and complete the field shown.

Q.How can I use the invitation token to register a .ART domain?

A. If you have received an invitation token from us or our partners E-flux, ArtSolution, or ArtMediaCo, simply enter it when prompted store.art. If you do not have an invitation token, you will have the opportunity to complete the verification form and obtain the token under the Requirements section of the registration process on store.art. When your request has been accepted and the token issued, the token will be auto-filled in the appropriate box and will be sent to you via email as well. 

Q.How many .ART domains can I register by using one invitation token?

A. There is no limit.

Q.What if I used my invitation token but want to register additional domains?

A. If you have been referred by one of our partners, please go back to them to request another token. Otherwise, you can do so during the domain registration process on store.art.

Q. Can I use my own registrar?

A. You may be able to purchase a .ART domain through your preferred registrar. It will advise you on whether it is selling .ART domains during our Preferred Access Period. Alternatively, you can register through our store by starting here.

Q. Which name should I register?

A. The choice is yours. You could focus on a key word relating to your sector or specialisation (for example antiques.art) or you could incorporate your brand or your actual name (e.g. namesurname.art).

You could register multiple .ART domains, each pointing to specific content on your main .ART website.

Whichever address or addresses you choose, you know that a .ART domain will make you stand out, with your audiences most likely using the world 'art' in their online searches.

Q. My name is unavailable. Why?

A. It may have already been registered by someone, or it could have been reserved by the registry. Contact us if you find that your name is reserved and you would like to request it.

Q. Are there any restrictions regarding the name(s) I register?

A. You are not allowed to register a name that clearly belongs to recognised individuals or organisations.

Q. What is a registrar?

A. A registrar is a seller of domain names and services. If you do not have a preferred registrar, you are welcome to use ours, starting here (available from 8 February 2017 onwards).


How much does a .ART name cost?

Q. What is the price of a .ART name?

A. Please search your ideal .ART domain on on store.art where you can get the prices as well as register.


Does .ART offer other services as well as domain names?

Q. Does .ART offer other services as well as domain names?

A. Currently we are only offering .ART domain names. But please watch this space for more to come.

What is a domain?

Q. What is a domain?

A. A domain name is the technical term of an Internet address such as www.art.art.

Q. What is a top-level domain?

A. A top-level domain is the part of the domain name that comes after the full stop. For example, .COM and .ART are top-level domains.


Glossary of terms

Domain name - an Internet address such as www.art.art

Top-level domain - a top-level domain (TLD) is the part of the domain name that comes after the full stop. For example, .COM and .ART are top-level domains.

Registrant - the individual or organisation that owns a domain name.

Registrar - the organisation that sells domain names to registrants.

Flagship registrar - a registrar that is specifically built for a particular registry, for example www.store.art is .ART's flagship registrar, operated by Instra.

Corporate registrar - a registrar that works with large brands.

Registry - the owners of a top-level domain. For example, UK Creative Ideas is the registry for .ART.

Reseller - a third-party company that offers domain name registrations through a registrar.

Preferred Access Period - an exclusive registration phase during which the .ART domain is available to members of the art world.

Premium Domain Name - a domain name that is offered at a higher price because it is more desirable. Names that are short, generic or popular are likely to be premium names.