While we’ll let the short-attention-span audience make what they want of the celebrity-powered headlines, at .ART we decided to introduce a spotlight series to the community members working hard to bring progress and innovation in the NFT space. We hope the highlights leave you inspired and eager to learn more – which you can by browsing through the websites of those projects!


Cosmic Potentiometers by @indira_iofeye available on enter.art

While slowly introduced in open beta, this new marketplace for crypto art has already attracted an array of talented artists. The platform is run by a creative force of self-described problem solvers with a smile, a step away from NFT-factory outlets that the community in the space has increasingly scrutinized. Some of the highlights you can check out are the illustrations by Bangok-based cartoonist @puck or the magical worlds of multidisciplinary artist @indira_iofeye.


Launched in March, RATS, which stands for Rapid Art Token Swap, as opposed to the rodent (but.. coincidence?), is a Decentralized CryptoArt Trading Portal based on the Ethereum Network. In essence, it is a platform on which one can trade one NFT for another or a $RATS token!

The platform is founded by the OG trash artist Jay Delay to build a decentralised art gallery and foster collaboration among the participants to develop an art-based economy. Some well-known crypto artists like Gary Cartlidge (aka @TroyFitzpatric) have already joined!


Four years since the project’s inception, VR-All-Art is now on the brink of transforming the art world with the All-Art Protocol by creating an NFT standard that will include license rights and make art trade perpetually liquid on the blockchain. The team just completed the Solana hackathon and preparing to release its marketplace in the coming months. The project stands out as it puts copyright and licensing – two topics not addressed enough in the NFT art space – at core of its initiative. 


DiverseNFTArt was co-founded in March 2021 to support and amplify the voices of Women, BIPOC and LGBTQIA+ NFT artists. Their goal is to create a community and a safe space for those artists that sometimes feel intimidated and overshadowed by cisgender male artists. Curated by artists Amelie Maia and Tais Koshino, the project is known for the OBJKT4OBJKT event that encouraged free object exchange on the hic et nunc NFT marketplace for its participants to build up a more diverse art collection and discover new talent.
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“Soft Power II” 2020 by Jonathan Monaghan

bit.art is a new initiative by Steven Sacks’ bitforms gallery that has been dedicated to the exhibition, collection, and preservation of new media art for twenty years now. bitforms.art was one of .ART’s first adopters, and we have excitedly watched them dive into the NFT world with the new experimental online space on bit.art. The first exhibition featured a selection of digital sculptures by Auriea Harvey titled Year Zero. Currently, visitors can explore Jonathan Monaghan show Den of Wolves. Similar to DiverseNFTArt, the platform uses Tezos blockchain on the hic et nunc platform.

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Cover image: Jonathan Monaghan