Why do people like cool license plates? Many believe that certain letters and numbers or combinations resembling their names will help them to stand out or to become lucky, successful, and prosperous. Sometimes, it’s simply showing off: after all, a luxury car deserves a license plate that matches its level of swag. Domains are like license plates: the shorter and more memorable they are, the more prestigious they are considered to be.

There is also a neuroscientific explanation why people like memorable names and numbers. Human brain tries to detect patterns and repeated elements in the environment all the time and really enjoys finding them. That is how we learn and make decisions. The shorter and catchier the combination you see, the greater the attention paid to it, and, consequently, the more likely the short-term memory is to transfer this new information into long-term memory. There’s an additional psychological effect: we perceive rare things as having greater value. Statistically short words and numbers with repeated digits are less common than others.

Whether you choose a .ART domain to tell your own creative story or as an investment, below are five reasons why you should hurry up and grab it now!

  1. Memorability, popularity, and prestige

Short names are beautiful, memorable and cool, especially when it to comes to .ART, which is the most popular domain for creatives. Even prior to its launch, .ART was in the top-3 most contested among over 2000 new gTLDs released by ICANN. Always at the cusp of opportunity and innovation, .ART is the place to be!

The Institute of Contemporary Arts (ICA.ART) is an artistic and cultural centre on The Mall in London supporting radical art and culture.

  1. Investment potential

By choosing a short and catchy premium .ART domain name you are guaranteed to get great value for money regardless of whether you decide to keep it for yourself or as an investment.  With steady organic growth, .ART has found its stable position among the top-10 fastest growing domains globally – proving it is not only a digital asset, but a sound investment opportunity. With a smart pricing model based on big-data algorithms, the pricing of .ART domains reflects a multitude of factors: concision, memorability, aesthetic value and demand for the same name in other domain zones.

YOU.ART is a recently launched E-commerce platform for Indian Contemporary Art. Background artwork by Gautam Naik.

  1. Representation of creativity

Creativity is the new ‘must’ in the world of automatization and robotization. The ability to self-express through creativity is the new way of life. Everyone needs to have an online personal brand, to curate their life story, to have agency over their digital assets. With .ART you immediately identify your belonging to the world of freedom and artistic expression, whether you do it professionally or as a hobby.

Fifteen is an artist member club, art gallery, and media design lab, located in Andy Warhol’s former SoHo haunt at 76 Wooster (New York).

  1. Universality & SEO optimization

Whether you choose a .ART domain for its purely aesthetic value or because it’s a unique opportunity to own such a concise premium domain, the .ART extension is universally understood in all languages and will give your chosen name a boost in terms of SEO results. According to a study from The Domain Name Association (dated April, 2017), having a relevant domain name extension (like .ART) means that you need fewer inbound links to rank in top page search spots than you would using the more traditional .com ending. Even if you already have a website using .com, you can still obtain a .ART address and simply point that address to your existing site. This gives you more ownership of your name in the online space.

OG.ART is a platform for curated collections of dynamic generative art. Background artwork by Danil Krivoruchko.

  1. High-quality Community

.ART’s 200K+ community features such prominent adopters as the Louvre, Marina Abramovic Institute, Berlinale Festival, Kickstarter, Porsche, Amazon and a quickly growing fraction of digital and crypto artists and platforms such as NFT marketplaces async.art and meta.art, liquidity pool all.art and digital artists like xcopy.art and Pak, who is hosting one of his projects on burn.art.

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