Through Matt Kane, a Chicago-born artist and self-taught programmer, aims to produce and sell digital art NFT to represent a day in the life of Bitcoin. His Right Place & Right Time, a programmable artwork that changes with Bitcoin price volatility, sold for over $100K this week.

Nearing 100 000 registrations, .ART is a domain zone that works to bring art, finance and tech together by acting as a community platform and a digital tool provider. Founder of the domain zone, Ulvi Kasimov, comments:

.ART has been more than a domain zone since its launch, but now the market itself has spoken. A sale at such high level as of is proof that .ART is a digital canvas for the new synergies to be created at the intersection of the art industry with others, thus amplifying its long overdue growth. It is a truly historical moment and I would like to extend my congratulations to Matt Kane and his team.