It might be holiday havoc, but domain hunters have little regard for the seasons! Generic domains such as ECOMMERCE.ART and TYPEWRITER.ART have been taken off the market. One could only wish that the latter was acquired by, perhaps, Tom Hanks? The man has a collection of 250+ typewriters, which he describes as “brilliant combinations of art and engineering.” Wondering why typewriters are remotely fascinating? Check out a documentary Hanks made with John Mayer and discover a whole new world to obsess over. 

We’re also glad to see domains related to environmental initiatives find their owners, including ECOFRIENDLY.ART and BIODIVERSITY.ART

The artistic community this week has been joined by several prominent personalities. JOHNPHILLIPS.ART is likely to be dedicated to John Phillips, born 1808, who was an English artist best known as a satirical etcher and an illustrator for the first edition of Punch Magazine. Meanwhile JOHNTHOMAS.ART will see a retrospective of John Thomas, a British sculptor and architect, who worked on Buckingham Palace and the Palace of Westminster.

Christian Hansen at CHRISTIANHANSEN.ART is an emerging artist with Australian and Romani cultural heritage. He works primarily with acrylic, gouache, pencil and pastel on paper and canvas to explore his interests in African and Romani culture. 

Artwork by Abraham Serey

SEREY.ART is another excellent example of a modern creative professional harnessing their digital identity. Abraham Serey is a Chilean artist who has launched an online platform to teach drawing and portraiture, as well as to sell his paintings globally. 

Last but not least, French publishing house Editions du Chêne have purchased multiple .ART domain names, including CHENE.ART. Since 1941 Le Chêne has been publishing high-end books in art, travel, architecture, photography and gastronomy.