Feb 25, 2019

Adopter stories: Interview with Marshall Heritage

Marshall Heritage is a Vancouver based photographer who specialises in events, fashion and creative work. .ART talked to Marshall about his choice of occupation and conceptual fruit art.

We have also concluded that an astonishing majority of creatives are coffee people. We’ll keep you posted on the exact percentages in our end of year survey “What makes you tick… if you’re an artist” (title in progress)

Tell us a little about your creative path. How did you get into photography? 

About six years ago I moved from Vancouver Island to Vancouver and got interested in the fashion industry. I basically bought my first camera, started going to fashion week and networking. My style has changed a lot since I started by that’s a normal organic process when you’re an artist. I think that now I have my own aesthetic, I like making observation about the society through my photography, about different ways of looking at things. I like people to think with my photos and dig deeper.

How would you define your style?  

I would consider myself more of a conceptual art photographer. I really enjoy doing studio work lately – you have a lot more control over the setting, the costume, and how everything goes. I prefer that to going out into the world and looking for locations etc., as I usually have an idea in my head already and just want to execute it.

What gets you out of bed every morning and how do you start your day? 

Coffee! I can’t start my day without it. But what’s more important are my friends and family, who are always there for me. Every time I feel self-doubt, I remember how many people told me that they believe in me… that support has pushed me to where I am now, and sometimes I feel like I wouldn’t have been able to get out of bed without it.

Between inspiration and hard work, which is more important?  

To me inspiration comes first because the idea comes first. And then it’s up to the creator to run with it and make it happen.

What are the best tools for the job?  

I like to bring a lot of props – even if I don’t use them all. I find that sometimes all you need to make a great photo is to have that little extra. It’s a bit dull to just have a model step into the studio and make a beautiful photo. I’d rather give them something weird, get a little bit more experimental. I experimented a lot with fruits lately, I’ve been trying to create a series of conceptual fruit art. I’m a vegetarian and I always felt a certain connection to nature and organic things. So I’m very interested in taking that and mixing it with inorganic items because I feel like it’s where the world is heading: we’re just constantly modernising and almost forgetting the roots of it.

What’s your most exciting achievement to date?

As of last month, I released three T-shirts with my prints on them. I’ve always wanted to have a clothing line including my art on it, so having done that and been able to wear them has been exciting. It’s been fun because people would come up to me and say: “wow, what a cool picture!” and they didn’t know it was my photo. That way I get to hear the real feedback too.

If you could get any client, who would you want to work with and why? 

One of my dreams is to work for one of the bigger magazines, like Dazed & Confused, or Vogue. I’d love to move to a city with bigger potential to take action on that dream. A lot of the magazines I love have offices in London, so that’s my next life project.

What’s the best thing about being a photographer? 

For me it’s about harnessing my aesthetic as my photography has been becoming more personal over time. Everyone needs to find a way to express themselves and mine is photography. Coming up with an interesting image and putting it into the world brings me so much joy. It’s like meeting my authentic self, that’s what I love the most about it.

Tell us about your website. Why did you choose to get one in the age of social media abundance? 

I am pretty minimal myself, I like things to be crisp, simple and clean. When I was creating my website, I really took on that mindset. I just wanted to focus on my favorite pieces of work, to get my point across – nothing extra. I‘ve always wanted a website for myself. It’s a lot easier to deal with DMs and sell your work through a website than through social media. I wanted to have a place to showcase my work, to integrate e-commerce, and for it to be compatible with further expansion of my projects. A website ticked off all the boxes!


  • Person with the greater influence in your life (family, celebrity, dead or alive) – Andy Warhol
  • And object you can’t live without – my camera
  • A character trait you value most highly – authenticity 
  • Favorite book  –Chuck Palahniuk’s “Invisible Monsters” and Andy Warhols “The Philosophy of Andy Warhol (From A to B and Back Again)”  
  • Favorite color – black
  • You have a minute face to face wig Salvador Dali. What would you say/do? – “Can I see your house please? Wanna sketch me?
  • What’s your idea of happiness? Health.

More at: www.marshallheritage.art