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BRAFA Art Fair (BRAFA.ART), one of Europe’s most prestigious art fairs first held in 1956, which opened its doors last weekend at Brussels Expo, is showcasing an impressive lineup of 132 galleries, including several notable .ART domain adopters.

  • GALERIE MARC MAISON ( Specializing in fine antique architectural elements and monumental art, Galerie Marc Maison brings a unique blend of historical and artistic significance to BRAFA, displaying rare and exquisite pieces that tell stories from the past.
  • GALERIE DES MODERNES ( Focusing on modern and contemporary paintings, this gallery offers a glimpse into the evolving styles and expressions of 20th and 21st-century art, appealing to those with a taste for modern aesthetics.
  • STERN PISSARRO GALLERY ( With a rich history and focus on the works of the Pissarro family, this gallery provides insight into the Impressionist and Post-Impressionist movements, featuring artworks by one of the genre’s most renowned families.
  • FINCH & CO ( Known for their eclectic collection of ethnographic and curiosities, Finch & Co’s presence adds an intriguing dimension to the fair, showcasing a range of objects from different cultures and periods.
  • CLAES GALLERY ( Led by Didier Claes, Vice-chairman of BRAFA and a respected figure in the art world, the gallery showcases exceptional African tribal art. Claes’ expertise and passion for African art bring a unique and diverse perspective to the fair.

The 2024 BRAFA fair continues its tradition of excellence and innovation. Alongside celebrating Surrealism’s centenary and featuring the works of Paul Delvaux, the fair incorporates daily art talks and expert appraisals, enriching the visitor experience with knowledge and insights. Furthermore, BRAFA’s commitment to sustainability is evident in its eco-friendly practices. The use of reusable wooden stands, LED lighting, and sustainable carpets from EGE, a Danish firm known for its circular approach to production, underscores BRAFA’s dedication to environmental responsibility. This holistic approach, combining historical reverence, contemporary diversity, and ecological mindfulness, solidifies BRAFA’s status as a leading and forward-thinking art fair.