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Robinhood Wallet has teamed up with the digital art platform and iconic artist Hunt Slonem to launch an exclusive NFT giveaway. This initiative allows Robinhood Wallet users the unique opportunity to own digital sketches by Slonem, a celebrated American artist known for his vibrant Neo-Expressionist style and focus on animals and exotic locales. Slonem’s works, which are highly valued and have been featured in over 350 international exhibitions, including at top New York museums, are now accessible as NFTs via the Robinhood Wallet app’s web3 tab on iOS. aims to make fine art collecting more accessible by partnering with leading artists to offer digital artworks paired with limited edition museum-quality prints at affordable prices. This giveaway includes four NFT mints scheduled on specific dates, with U.S. participants who collect all four eligible to buy a physical print of one of the sketches, limited to 400 total prints.