Featured image: Lisha Nie “Endlessly Idle, With Time.”, 2019. Courtesy of Ader Wu Art Advisory and artist Lisha Nie

Today, .ART Ambassador Ader Wu Art Advisory premieres its curatorial online group exhibition “Fantasy Gives Any Absurdity a Chance to Become Part of the Logic” on Foundations, an online art fair curated by Artsy.  

The exhibition showcases a diverse selection of 16 works by seven Chinese artists, spanning various mediums, and explores fantasy and embraces the absurd, challenging conventional boundaries and invites viewers to contemplate deeper philosophical implications.  

One of the highlights of the exhibition is Lisha Nie’s thought-provoking video work, “Endlessly Idle, With Time.” In this seven-minute piece, Nie questions the notion of idleness in a high-efficiency digital culture and delves into the paradoxes of time. Nie’s installation work, “Burning,” also captivates viewers by utilizing 3D scanning to immortalize ephemeral connections, blurring the boundaries between physicality and the passage of time. 

Another captivating work featured in the exhibition is Song Rao’s captivating performance photographs, “15 Minutes of Fame” and “Not Me,” delve into the exploration of identity, fame, and the fleeting moments of success in the realm of social media. These works offer a critical reflection on the nature of self-presentation in the digital age.  

“Our business aligns with the advancements in social media and technology. Approximately half of our public art projects involve collaborations with digital, animation, and new media artists. As indicated by the Artsy Gallery Insight 2022, more than 50% of our art sales are conducted online. We are delighted to be part of Foundations, an art marketing campaign launched by Artsy, which specifically supports emerging artists from selected art galleries and agencies on its platform”, Wu said.  

The exhibition is on view at Foundations until August 8. Don’t miss the opportunity to immerse yourself in this exhibition’s fantastical expressions presented by these talented Chinese artists. 

Being A .ART Ambassador 

Ader Wu Art Advisory is an international art and technology consulting business that collaborates with emerging artists on gallery exhibitions and curates cutting-edge cross-boundary public art projects in partnership with art institutions and commercial brands. The founder Ader Wu led the company to join the .ART Ambassador program in January and has been helping emerging artists and organizations in her community to secure their digital identities on .ART. 

Wu also founded non-profit public art program Art Talk Sanitun (ATS) in 2019, with a mission to create an innovative and effective communication platform between art professionals and the public, promote a reinvention of communication between Eastern and Western contemporary art. 

“Technology has been an integral part of art and human storytelling. As we are tapping into increasingly innovative technologies in the making and consumption of art, with the hope to find a broader resonance, it is a no brainer for artists to put their work on .ART domains. Being a .ART ambassador allows me to help my artists and partners to adopt a brand that represents the future of technology and art.” 

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