.ART in press. Interview with art consultant and economist Brunno Silva

Above: from The dramaturgy of apparatus exhibition, curated by Brunno Silva 

São Paulo-born art consultant Brunno Silva studied the economics of culture before becoming an auditor for Deloitte. He then completed an MA in Art Business at Sotheby’s Institute of Art in London, before setting up his consultancy based between Germany and Italy. Showcasing a unique synergy between artistic and analytical backgrounds, Brunno Silva is capable of seeing the world of art as an industry without losing touch with its intricacies.

Interviewed by the Founder of .ART Ulvi Kasimov, Brunno shares his insights on the economic sustainability of the art world, the future of the biennial format and much more.

This interview is excerpted from Ulvi Kasimov’s book The Art of the Possible, a series of interviews that explore the ways Internet technology can remake the art world. Follow this blog and Artnet to catch the next talks over the coming months.

Brunno Silva. Photo by Holly Jane Sutor

Do you think art institutions should recruit from beyond art the art world?  

If a technology company wants to hire a CEO, they might hire someone with no experience in technology but with a lot of experience in the business. But galleries and museums today don’t even look in those other areas; it’s always insular to the art world. I’m not saying art historians can’t be good directors, but maybe we should not only be considering art historians. Maybe galleries shouldn’t be passed on to the owner’s daughter or son. Maybe they should hire someone from outside.

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Find out more about Brunno Silva: brunno.art