.art Domains in Press. Interview with Philip Hoffman, Founder of The Fine Art Group

As featured on Artnet: Philip Hoffman shares his thoughts on the role of provenance, transparency and "mistruths" in the art world with the Founder of .art Domains Ulvi Kasimov.

A former finance director at Christie’s, Philip Hoffman now advises some of the world’s largest art funds, insisting on keen due diligence and transparency in all deals. He founded The Fine Art Group in 2001, an art advisory, finance and investment firm based in London and serving clients all over the globe.

Interviewed by the Founder of .ART Ulvi Kasimov, Philip Hoffman shares his art investment wisdom, the sometimes misleading nature of the art world and more.

This interview is excerpted from Ulvi Kasimov’s book The Art of the Possible, a series of interviews that explore the ways Internet technology can remake the art world. Follow this blog and Artnet to catch the next talks over the coming months.

What are your ambitions for your own wealth?

I’m not doing this for the money, I’m doing it as a challenge. I’m not interested in aspiring to the same level of wealth that my clients have. We look after some of the most interesting clients in the world: billionaires, multi-billionaires; they have every luxury you can imagine. It’s great to be invited to join in once in a while but I’m not envious. I don’t want to achieve that type of wealth because it does nothing for me. But building a business is an interesting challenge.

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