.ART March Highlights: Female Power, Breakthrough Growth, and more.

Spring has sprung — and so have a plethora of awesome achievements.

And just like that, we’ve come to the end of March. With the smell of Spring in the air, we’re feeling quite buzzed and oh so excited for the warmer months ahead. March has been eventful and has given us plenty of reason to celebrate. As always, we’d like to extend a huge thank you to our amazing community of adopters who have made so many of our milestones possible.

Join us in raising a glass of fizz to celebrate the following highlights:

Incredible growth

March saw .ART breaking records (yes, again) — we’ve been seeing hundreds of incredible websites launched on a daily basis, and it’s astounding to see the level of creativity abound. Keep up the incredible work! 

Chart-topping performance

Some domain extensions are falling behind, but .ART ain’t one of them! In fact, we’re seeing exponential growth, and we’re proud to consistently find ourselves among Top 10 domain extensions, every time.

Women leading the way 

In tandem with International Women’s Day, we’re proud to see a significant increase in women registering with .art. We absolutely love to see the amazing work that women are putting forward on their websites.

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And don’t forget that we recently released 3,000 spanking new domain names, so if you haven’t got your hands on them yet, go ahead and do so before they’re gone!

Adopters featured:

cindamanins.art, sweder.art, amandavigor.art, chunwang.art, ninaben.art, guestworkagency.art, shanaraeisan.art, belkina.art, elisabethgunawan.art, joezones.art, hazeylabs.art