Image: “Heterosis” by Mat Collishaw & Danil Krivoruchko for OG.ART


The domain industry, and many others, faced a wide range of challenges in 2022. Despite the tough year, .ART continues to show strong and steady progress and has remained among the 15 fastest-growing domain name registries, according to data from We ended the 2022 year with 232,307 .ART domains under management, a net domain growth of 39% over 2021.

.ART’s consistent and stable growth is evidenced by numerous high-quality registrations, including some of the world’s best-known museums and art institutions, as well as a strong 1st-year renewal rate of 81% for premium names. Individual artists, art enthusiasts, and others associating themselves with “art” continue to be strong supporters of .ART with“” among the most popular standard domains.

2022 also saw over 3,000 (3%) new .ART domains registered related to NFTs and Web3. We expect continued strong adoption by the Web3 community as .ART domains are also available on ENS and (in addition to its traditional DNS usage) a .ART domain name can be linked to a wallet, NFT, or any digital asset on the Ethereum blockchain.

Premium names

.ART has adopted an innovative, big-data approach to domain name valuation, employing a 14-parameter algorithm to determine pricing for an extensive inventory of affordable premium names. There are nine .ART premium name price tiers ranging from $70 to $10,000 with all premium names renewing at a low price of $30 per year.

The effort has paid off in increased revenue for the .ART registry and its registrar partners. In 2022 we sold 5,734 premium domains, representing 5% of .ART names registered and 69% of domain registration revenue.

We sold 82 .ART premium names priced at $5,000 or $10,000 tiers. The average price of premium names sold in 2022 was $438 confirming our belief in the demand and revenue- generating capability of affordable premium names, as well as higher-priced, super-premium names.


We are proud of the active online .ART community and the number of highly creative live sites using a .ART domain as their primary URL. 39% of all .ART domains are used for websites, and 14% for redirects.

Here are some examples of domains registered in 2022 with live sites:

15 is an artist community, art studio, art gallery and children arts club that fosters a new generation of creativity in the heart of New York City. Located in Andy Warhol’s former SoHo haunt at 76 Wooster.

A platform for curated collections of dynamic generative art where “OG” is a reference to both Organic Crystals and the legendary Original Gangsters. Coming from the founders of SNARK.ART, the project provides a platform for famous digital artists to experiment with dynamic NFTs.

The regional online Art Gallery and Art’s News website for the North of the UK. A growing team of artists and art lovers dedicated to raising the profile of artists, galleries and all things art in the Yorkshire region, NORTH.ART was founded by local artist and businessman, Tim Miller.

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