What are two critical and influential factors that affect the value of an artwork? What did we learn from the $450M Leonardo Da Vinci/Salvator Mundi saga, or the many art frauds, fakes and forgery scandals that were uncovered in past years? The authenticity of work can make or break the bank. This is where this innovative solution, Art Recognition AG, can help you avoid falling flat or spending millions on something that might not be worth as much as you thought!   

Art Recognition Ltd

By using AI, Art Recognition’s system creates analyses of artwork to provide results of authenticity. The best part is that this can be done through a photograph, saving a lot of time, and costly related expenses such as crating and shipping costs. The case studies (which can be found on their website), ranging from Kees van Dogen to forger Wolfgang Beltracchi, are very impressive. This tool will be unstoppable when paired with other authentication methods such as provenance research and forensic analysis. Forgers should feel the temperature rising, seeing as a solution for art authenticity is this easy and quick. We don’t see why people wouldn’t use it when in doubt.  

“Next-generation collectors are digital natives. They demand creative artists, art experts and tech entrepreneurs to collaborate and build an inspiring and secure art world. A world which implies fairness, transparency and accessibility to everyone – worldwide. In my opinion, understanding these collectors is essential for the success of the art market.” 

– Christiane Hoppe-Oehl, Art Recognition Ltd Co-founder 

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Since the launch in 2019, they have completed more than 300 analyses for more than 50 clients worldwide. Who are said clients? While they have to remain anonymous, Art Recognition’s clientele ranges from art experts and committees, private collectors, art dealers, consultant agencies, galleries to auction houses. In the two years since their inception, they have created partnerships and alliances with the House of Insurtech Switzerland, Tilburg University, Microsoft for Startups as well as Karel Appel Foundation. They have also enjoyed good press and have been included in Swiss journal Nzz, as well as TV and radio broadcasts. The cherry on top: The Economist named them an “up and coming startup”. They will continue to upgrade their technology, leading to improved performance, and hope to publish in a peer-reviewed scientific journal. Intrigued? They are still looking for investors and want to increase their presence on the market. Their potential is as massive as the number of works of art on the market! We can’t wait to see what sort of Thomas Crown affair movie-worthy story will next be exposed with their services.