.ART Surpasses 100 000 Active Users

.ART, the art world's website address expanding the digital horizons for the creative community, has reached over 100 000 members.

From the beginning, .ART gained trust and attracted the interest of notable entities in the arts and beyond. Its adopters include Centre Pompidou, The Guggenheim, Bank of America and Harvard University, as well as tech giants including Apple, Microsoft and Amazon. Marina Abramović used mai.art for her institute, and Matt Kane released his record-breaking Bitcoin-based artwork priced $100K on volatility.artMeanwhile, Platform.art became a new website developed by David Zwirner to host online sales and charitable initiatives. The most popular use-case has also been for personal and art-collective names such as kennyschachter.art, shantellmartin.art and teamlab.art.

.ART was founded in 2016 by Ulvi Kasimov, philanthropist, listed in The Observer’s Top 50 Most Influential Leaders in the Art World in 2020. The domain extension secured its position as a natural choice for artists, art industry professionals, institutions, performers, musicians, and everyone with a passion for creativity.

I am convinced that the future is at the intersection of art, finance and digital space. Art is, in essence, an umbrella brand that has been around for millennia. But it’s not just a usual asset; it’s what humanity has been generating for centuries. My task is distribution — to provide equal access to everyone, empowering the global creative community.” — Ulvi Kasimov, Founder of .ART.

.ART brings innovations to the art world:

.ART is now a patent holder for its Digital Twin solution. The .ART Digital Twin (US Patent 10,805,263, is best described as a digital certificate of authenticity, enabled for any art or cultural object. It provides an intuitive solution for storing any format of artwork information that one can access at any time through a browser. Using the international Object ID standard developed by the Getty Trust, the DNS with blockchain integration acts as an expansive, distributed, secure data holder.

A free website builder solution helps artists establish a permanent, memorable web address. Anyone with a .art domain can quickly launch a website for displaying their work in a few clicks, creating a digital business card for their persona or project. The relatively simple web pages can serve as a communication hub entry point for all platforms used by the owner, from Medium to TikTok.

.ART enjoys success as a result of its fair price predictive algorithm. Among over 2000 entities that applied for the new gTLDs, .ART was among the three most contested – and all by prominent art institutions. ART developed a predictive domain valuation tool to provide fair access opportunities and ensure that desired domains go to the “right hands” in the art community.

To celebrate this milestone, .ART is giving a limited-time* promo code for 50% off on any domain purchase. Use promo code 100K at checkout on get.art.

*promo code valid through 10th of February.

.ART Team
.ART Team
members are global citizens with interests ranging from art history to social justice. If we had an office cat we would have called it Basquiat.