Last week .ART traveled to Art Basel Miami and participated in the discussion “Art exhibits in the 21st century: new models”, which took place within the framework of CADAF, the only existing digital art fair.

Speakers included:
Serena Tabacchi, digital art curator, the Founder of MoCDA (Museum of Contemporary Digital Art) and TATE team manager
Raina Mehler, Media Arts Director at Pace Gallery, who was also a part of the team helping to establish PaceX, a new venture in the emerging field of immersive and experiential art.
Marc Billings, founder and CEO of Blackdove. Blackdove is a subscription platform for new media art. Artists and collectors can utilize Blackdove for distribution and display of artwork on all major television and commercial displays.
Jessica Gallucci, Associate Curator at Mana Contemporary. Mana Contemporary is one of the largest and most innovative contemporary arts organizations in the United States. Dedicated to celebrating the creative process at campuses in Jersey City, Chicago, and Miami, its mission is to maintain and empower a continually growing and evolving constellation of creative communities).
Julie Gratz, artist and founder of Kaleida Studio, an animation and motion graphics production studio, specialized in working with film, music, documentary, commercial and Augmented Reality Art.
Daria Kravchuk, independent curator and Project & Development Director at .ART.

Speakers discussed the questions of engagement of the digital art audience in 2020, expectations of gallery vs museum audience, the response of the institutions to the fast growing digital art platforms/market and immersive art experience, phenomenon of online exhibitions, problems of curating digital art, the relevance of physical institutions in the era of digital art museums and online galleries, provenance of digital art.

On behalf of .ART, Daria talked about Digital Twin, one of the drivers of the Fourth Industrial Revolution, pointing out the potential of creating a unique ecosystem for art objects with a community element, which can unite the art world all over the globe.

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