Image above: Digital archival prints Diasec®, Hominids series. Copyright Bruce Graham

Describing himself as an outsider, outcyber, self-taught digital artist, Bruce H. Graham, born in 1950 in USA,  is one of .art’s most valued users. With over 100 .art domain names under his belt, Bruce Graham says he acquires domain names as housing for his art work.

I get new domains all the time. When I start a new series, I like having a designation for it. One of my recent acquisitions is a series where I explore how art can be an attractor.

Mr. Graham says that his domains are specific to his work, and while they might not be valuable to others, they help him keep the various art series he works on in their designated places.  He does, however, own several generic domains that have blue-chip potential. “For example, and are domains that have potential as premium locations for investment quality art,” he says.

Self Portrait 2020 study for proposed digital collage, c-print 16″ x 20″40.64 x 50.8 cm
Copyright Bruce Graham

How did Bruce Graham come around to becoming a self-taught digital artist? The story began when he was taking photos of his acrylic paintings and using free online programs to crop and enhance them for a website. This opened his eyes to using digital tools to actually create new and original images as well as to recycle existing public domain art.

In Bruce’s view, .art is the future of all digital art.

I would predict that .art locations will be the primary location for art production and sales and that digital art will used as a science based visual therapy.

When asked what he would advise artists when choosing a name for their project, Bruce says that he believes the first acquisition should be the artists professional name. For projects or series, he likes generic words and mixing words and languages. “By using the .art domain forwarding option you can point any .art domain to a main website, this makes it easy and affordable to have multiple domain names.”

Archival digital c-prints
Diasec® acrylic face mounted. FUTURISTICO.ART

Bruce’s impressive and wide-ranging selection of domains covers topics from biohacking to mandalas. Does he follow his interest in choosing them or are these investment decisions? “In a way, everything I do is an investment mostly in my health and well-being,” he says. His domain choices are related to his concept. Bruce believes in using imagery as reminders for good health and healing. He enjoys making the mandalas as well as recycling public domain historical images of fruits and flowers, as reminders for lifestyle options: in other words to meditate, eat a plant-based diet and to stop to smell the roses. Bruce believes that health and happiness can be a potential by-product of looking at an image.

Hybrid archival print.

How to use your .ART domain name as your crypto address. Read More .ART Domain Name: Your Digital Business Card Read More How to link your .ART domain to your website Read More is one of the many domain names that Bruce has purchased. It’s a name that could either be about the colour or about environmental awareness – so who would his ideal candidate for this domain name be?  Bruce says that his intention for is to offer it as a hub location to curators, where curators from museums and galleries could advertise and archive their Green Rules exhibits and shows, both colour and ideology themed.

We can’t wait to see what other domain names Bruce will be acquiring in the future.

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