At .ART, we are passionate about the intersection of art and technology. It’s always exciting to see how creative minds around the world are pushing the boundaries of what’s possible. Today, we are thrilled to share the news about the 22 semi-finalists for the prestigious Digital Innovation in Art Award 2024 (DIIA). These projects showcase some of the most groundbreaking innovations at the crossroads of art and technology.

Each year, the DIIA recognizes visionaries who are redefining the art world through technological innovation. The 2024 semi-finalists are no exception, and their projects reflect a diverse range of creative endeavors from all corners of the globe. From AI-powered chatbots enhancing museum experiences to platforms for tokenized art investments, these initiatives are setting new standards in the art and tech landscape.

Here are the 22 semi-finalists:

  1. Art Lover VIP (United Kingdom): “Encyclopedia Utopia” promotes a world defined by kindness and compassion through art.
  2. ArtCentrica (Italy): An online platform transforming art education with interactive tools, offering access to over 8,000 high-resolution artworks.
  3. Artsted (United States): “ArtistBnB” helps artists find affordable accommodations and studio spaces, fostering a global artist community.
  4. ARTƎCONOMY® (Switzerland): A Five Gallery initiative integrating art, technology, and innovation for a transparent and sustainable art market.
  5. Ask Mona (France): AI-powered chatbots enhancing museum experiences and expanding into educational sectors.
  6. Aurora (United States): Supports artists exploring art and technology intersections with community programs like “Video Art Night.”
  7. Barnes Foundation (United States): Innovates in art education with digital tools for interactive and immersive experiences.
  8. beambike (Germany): Combines sustainability and eco-friendly practices with technology and traditional art.
  9. Curio Capital AG (Switzerland): Offers a platform for investing in tokenized art assets, merging fintech with the art market.
  10. Flux the artist (United Kingdom): AI artist planning a creative AI lab in East London showcasing emerging technology in art.
  11. Guru Experience Co. (United States): Develops immersive art experiences using virtual reality and other digital technologies.
  12. IMX3 (United States): Uses VR and AR to blend physical and digital worlds for unique art experiences.
  13. LOOTY (United Kingdom): The world’s first digital repatriation of stolen artifacts. LOOTYs works through the conversation of digital memory via NFTs, AR, VR and installations.
  14. Nurecas (UAE): Digital art installations promoting mental and emotional health through interactive and meditative experiences.
  15. SLStudio (France): Combines AI and blockchain for art certification and interactive installations.
  16. SuprSketch Corp (United States): Subscription-based platform with live digital canvases for artists to share their creative processes.
  17. Sureel (United States): Develops digital tools for artists to enhance workflows and market their works.
  18. Syntropy States (United Kingdom): Focuses on digital and generative art using advanced algorithms and AI.
  19. Chicago Collections Consortium (United States): Combines academic rigor with creative experimentation in digital art.
  20. Tag Along with Adler (United States): Another project emphasizing interdisciplinary collaboration in art education.
  21. Zarastro Art (Turkey): Curated online exhibitions of contemporary art by diverse artists, promoting digital accessibility.
  22. 21 Creative (United States): Guides lost souls through artistic expressions, blending personal emotional experiences with visual art.

We’re incredibly proud of this diverse group of semi-finalists and can’t wait to see how their projects develop. The next step in the journey will be the announcement of the finalists, which will be revealed in early September. These finalists will then have the opportunity to be celebrated at the Investor Allstars gala in London on October 10th, a prestigious event known for recognizing and connecting the most innovative minds in the tech world.

A panel of influential figures from the art and technology sectors will select the shortlist and winners. We’re thrilled to have such a distinguished group of experts on board, and we look forward to the new connections and collaborations that will emerge from this process.