Coachella’s Fascinating Art Objects

This year’s Coachella has been incredible not only due to Beyonce’s tremendous show. The festival’s venue in Indio, California, was decorated with amazing large-scale art installations that boosted likes on thousands of Instagram accounts.

Both established and rising artists created works re-shaping the deserted landscape and bringing you to the edge of surreal. Give a glimpse at some of them.

‘Display This Oasis’ by Katie Stout

Katie Stout developed an AR art object that could be seen with the use of a camera in the Coachella App. The abstract 3D sculpture symbolized an oasis in the desert, bringing the spectators a feeling of being close to water while actually partying in the middle of the desert.

‘Spectra’ by Newsubstance

UK-based studio’s installation had a practical purpose, giving Coachella visitors a place to rest. Rainbow-colored windows gave a full-scale overview of the festival’s site in the daytime. In the night the tower became a beacon lighted by thousands of LED lights.

‘Palm-3 World Station’ by Simón Vega

Palm-3 is a precise model of the Mir, a Soviet space station that operated on the earth orbit from 1986 to 2001. To create it artist Simón Vega used recycled steel materials that had been found in the slams.

‘Etherea’ by Edoardo Tresoldi

Three wired pavilions ranging from 10.9 to 21.9 metres in height look like ancient European baroque domes soaring weightlessly in the sky. Half-transparent structure gives the installation an airy ethereal look.