Collecting holds a special place in many of our hearts. Fond memories arise from the stamps we gathered, the tin soldiers we lined up, or the postcards with famous faces we treasured. (I personally had my own stamp collection, which my uncle started). As children, these items symbolized wonder, excitement, and an eager venture into the vast world. Yet, as adulthood approached, many of these collections got shelved, symbolic of our transition from the innocent days of youth.

So, what prompts reputable corporations to curate collections? Why would stern-faced business entities embark on an art collecting journey? Tracing back to the 14th century, we find the roots of corporate collections deeply embedded in our history. While religious and royal collections (including various cabinets of curiosities) were the prominent ones back then, the message was clear – they were communicating exclusivity, enlightenment, and a means to engage with the world.

Fast forward to today, and Deutsche Bank, with its whopping 60,000 objects, is a testament to the enduring significance of corporate art collections in echoing a commitment to preserving cultural heritage by offering access to both internal and external users to experience the creative forces embedded in art.

In today’s digital age, these collections are making their mark online, expanding their reach and influence.

Why Use a .ART Domain for Your Corporate Art Collection?

by Diane Picchiottino

.ART domains go beyond what ordinary domains offer, with several unique benefits making them a clear choice for anything related to art. These advantages are tailored to meet the diverse needs of the art community, which makes choosing .ART a no-brainer for artists and art lovers alike, including corporations with art collections.

Digital Exhibition: The .ART domain offers an elegant platform to showcase an art collection, ensuring it resonates with a global audience and expanding its reach and influence beyond the corporate campus and HQ.

Branding Power: It enhances a corporation’s image by emphasizing its dedication to art, culture, and community, attracting art enthusiasts.

Credibility and Trust: The .ART domain is synonymous with authenticity, solidifying a corporation’s reputation in the art realm.

Tech-Savvy: .ART leverages Web2 and Web3 technologies, functioning in the traditional web and as an ENS name in Web3. This enables the use of a .ART name to link to wallet addresses, NFT collections,  or websites hosted in distributed IPFS storage. A .ART domain is ready for whatever the digital future may hold.

Digital Presence: It ensures efficient digital identity management, adding an edge to the corporation and its high-net-worth clients’ art endeavors.

SEO and Marketing Boost: Think of memorable .ART domains directing traffic to specialized art content, enhancing online visibility.

Supporting Art Therapy: Aligning with .ART also means endorsing the therapeutic powers of art, making a difference in mental wellness. Funds from the sale of .ART domains support the charitable Art Therapy Initiative.

Join the Elite: With institutions like The Louvre and brands like Porsche already on board, .ART’s prestige is undeniable.

by Dat Vo

Art Collection Legacy

In the realm of collecting, immense wealth isn’t a prerequisite. The story of Herbert and Dorothy Vogel stands testament to that. Often hailed as “proletarian art collectors,” the Vogels were ordinary civil servants in New York City. Yet, their passion for art led them to curate one of America’s most paramount post-1960s art collections, predominantly featuring minimalist and conceptual art. Their dedication and keen eye for art shone brightly in a domain often associated with affluence. Sadly, Herbert Vogel passed away in 2012, but their legacy serves as an inspiration. It reminds us that passion, dedication, and love for art can lead to treasures that money can’t always buy. It all can start with a simple collection, and a .ART domain.

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