In the continuously evolving digital world, it’s all about embracing innovation and keeping your brand at the forefront of technological trends. The latest revolution to sweep across the internet landscape is the advent of Web3 and blockchain technology, and .ART is leading the charge by offering seamless integration with this new digital frontier.

The Growing Web3 Trend

The ever-expanding universe of the internet has seen a significant shift towards the blockchain and decentralized platforms known as Web3. This has fueled the explosion of Non-Fungible Tokens (NFTs) and blockchain-based digital assets. Reflecting this surge, over 3,000 recently purchased .ART domains are related to NFTs and Web3. .ART is not only keeping pace with this trend but driving it forward by ensuring compatibility with Web3 and the Ethereum Name Service (ENS) while maintaining the integrity of the traditional domain name system.

.ART’s Pioneering Initiative: Bridging Web2 and Web3

As the first domain registry to ensure that only one registrant can control  matching ENS and DNS domains, .ART has taken a monumental step towards fusing traditional web platforms (Web2) with their decentralized counterparts (Web3). By providing this unique service, .ART domain owners can enjoy a consistent, unified digital identity across both platforms. They can access the potential of the Ethereum blockchain while maintaining the accessibility and familiarity of traditional web services.

What Does This Mean for .ART Domain Owners?

If you own a .ART domain (let’s say,, you can now also register it as an ENS domain at This .ART ENS domain can point to a wallet address, smart contract, NFT, or any other asset on the Ethereum blockchain – just like a .ETH domain.

At the same time, your .ART domain can also be used as a web address in any browser and as an email address – a versatility that a .ETH domain can’t offer. It’s a pioneering initiative that ensures that .ART domains are collision-proof, meaning only the owner of a .ART domain name can register the matching ENS .ART name, eliminating any possible confusion or conflict.

Why You Should Jump Onboard

There’s plenty to love about this innovation. Here are a few reasons why this development is a game-changer:

  • Registering a .ART ENS domain involves just a one-time fee of $20, with no annual renewal fees. Ever!
  • Your .ART domain name can work across both Web2 and Web3 platforms, opening new opportunities for branding, project management, and creative expression.

How to register a .ART ENS domain

Future-proof your digital presence and get your .ART ENS domain today!