The world’s leading IT giants – Amazon, Apple, Google, Facebook and Microsoft – purchased dozens of .ART domain names as a part of their brand protection strategy to cover all their projects, including WhatsApp and Instagram, YouTube and Twitch, iPhone and iPad.

Snapchat and Samsung have also purchased names, joining such Early .ART Adopters as Kickstarter and AES+F.

During the first months after the opening of .ART to general public on May 10th about a 100 IT-related domain names were registered. Since the launch of .ART in early December in 2016, the IT community has received more than 150 domain names.

.ART, being a unique signifier of creativity on the Internet, offers the IT industry an ideal platform to create customer experience online.

Apple Design Award Winner, App Store Essential and one of the most powerful mobile device app for artists – Procreate made a full switch to .ART ( They have created an outstanding website about their app. “We’re really excited that we’ve finally made the switch to .ART for our domain names. It’s something we’d been considering for a while!” –  says Matt Meskell from Savage Interactive – Procreate is the leading painting app for iPad, and as such we’re pretty heavily invested in the art world, so .ART seemed like a better fit.

.ART becomes a place for creativity and innovation in such areas as Video gaming (,,, GIF images (, , and Bitcoin (,, GIPHY, one of the fastest growing projects on the Internet, purchased and already uses this name as a section of their website dedicated to authors and artists of GIF images.

A new generation of artists is guided by Virtual Reality (VR) as a way of displaying their works, both in galleries and online. Many registrations include keywords such as,, and, stating that VR is becoming a significant part of modern art.

The fact that the IT industry has been taking such an active part in populating the .ART domain shows that we are building a strong technological base for further digital advancements across all business areas,” says .ART founder, venture investor Ulvi Kasimov.