.art Domains in press. Interview with Sara Fitzmaurice, Founder and President of FITZ & CO

As featured on Artnet: Sara Fitzmaurice shares her thoughts on the role of digital space in the art world with the Founder of .ART Ulvi Kasimov.

Above: Al Hamriyah Studios, 2017. Image courtesy of Sharjah Art Foundation.

For nearly 25 years, FITZ & CO has been at the forefront of arts and culture, and at the helm – its Founder and President Sara Fitzmaurice, who lead it to the position of the world’s leading public relations firm specializing in the contemporary art world. FITZ & CO’s unique area of expertise is international media relations, strategic positioning and planning, audience development, sponsorship development and special events.

Sara Fitzmaurice has spearheaded campaigns for clients including Art Basel, for which she conceived the museum trustee group outreach program, the first of its kind for an art fair, and the 2001 launch of Art Basel in Miami Beach, for which she served as a lead US strategist. Over the years FITZ & CO has assisted corporations involved in the arts ranging from BMW and Hugo Boss to eBay and Instagram, provided strategic public relations to the Sharjah Art Foundation in the UAE and represented galleries including such moguls of the art world as Gagosian and Almine Rech.

Interviewed by the Founder of .ART Ulvi Kasimov, Sara Fitzmaurice shares her insights on the role of digital space in the art world, the challenge of fundraising and much more.

This interview is excerpted from Ulvi Kasimov’s book The Art of the Possible, a series of interviews that explore the ways Internet technology can remake the art world. Follow this blog and Artnet to catch the next talks over the coming months.

Sara Fitzmaurice

Why do you work in the art world?

I love the diversity of what I do. With every new client I’m learning something new; it keeps it exciting and I am challenged everyday. I got into it through studying art history: learning stories of history through objects or architecture was fascinating. I still love the storytelling and a lot of the strategic work we do is in storytelling – coupled with problem solving towards business objectives. I enjoy that challenge. And on a personal level, the art opens up a world; a community. I can travel to almost any city globally and immediately plug in with locals through the art world, and have a totally different experience than visiting as a “non-local”.

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