La Pera Projects is the next nominee for the Digital Innovation in Art Award 2021. It’s all about collecting made easy: the use of a well-known international messaging platform might just be the recipe for success. Learn more right now, and perhaps you, too, will get bitten by the collecting bug.  


Can art be sold via a messaging app? This is what the founders of La Pera Projects are betting on. On WhatsApp, every two weeks, affordable works under the $600 mark — from emerging and established artists — are shared to their list, which forms their Collector Circle. The idea is to help democratize art and make it more accessible. Sharing affordable contemporary art with the general public, it hopes to foster a culture of collecting and, by extension, contributing to the cultural economy, helping artists make a living. Going digital is a must, especially for the new generation. Furthermore, using an already established app contributes to keeping the overheads low and art accessible. Their Collector Circle includes more than 4,000 art lovers and engaged collectors from more than 25 different countries.  

“The way we discover, browse, consume and experience art has rapidly changed thanks to digital innovation. The art world is increasingly becoming more digital: with the proliferation of online sales, digital exhibitions, and online platforms and events, now we can’t conceive the art industry as disentangled from the digital realm. In my opinion, this transformation has been incredibly beneficial as it has served as an accessible and affordable vehicle to give presence and voice to a lot of young artists, agents and platforms from different countries and backgrounds. In the near future, it will continue to do so, helping to make the art industry a more democratic place.”

– Blanca Pascual Baztán, Co-Founder of La Pera Projects 

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Since their inception, they have placed works by over 30 living artists in private and public collections all around the globe. They’ve also been the talk of the town with articles in major media publications – all within the span of a year. We are confident that this initiative will keep growing its Collectors Circle, and more will join the initiative. Keep an eye out on the physical exhibitions they will curate in NY and their upcoming collaboration with art fairs. We can’t wait to see with whom they will next collaborate and where this will take them – as well as us as collectors! 

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