Image: still from ARURA by Ozan Turkkan, 2022. Video installation. Creative Coding. Processing. AI.

The .ART domain has been experiencing strong and steady growth, with a significant 27% increase in domain registrations over Q1 2022, bringing the total to 240,675 domains under management. This growth is supported by high-quality registrations from renowned museums and art institutions, as well as an impressive 1st-year renewal rate of 80% for premium names.

Premium Domains Sales

In Q1 2023, 1,276 premium domains were sold, accounting for 5% of .ART names registered and 70% of domain registration revenue. 15 .ART premium names were sold at $5,000 or $10,000 price tiers, including,,,,,,,,,,,,,, and The average price of premium names sold in Q1 2023 was $423, demonstrating the demand for both affordable and super-premium domains.

The most premium names were sold in the $910 tier, which represented almost 40% of the premium names sold during the quarter, again highlighting the popularity of affordable .ART premium names. All .ART premium domains have a renewal price of $39 regardless of the first year fee.

Registrar Performance

At the end of Q1 2023, 201 registrars worldwide offered .ART domains, with 100 actively selling premium domains. The top 5 registrars in terms of domains sold were Namecheap, GoDaddy, Google, Tucows, and Alibaba, while the top 5 registrars in terms of premium domains sold were GoDaddy, Namecheap, Google, PDR Ltd., and OVH.

Domain Usage

A substantial 39% of all .ART domains are used for websites, with an additional 14% used for redirects. Several premium domains registered in Q1 2023 have already launched live sites, showcasing the creativity and diversity of the .ART community. Some examples include,,,, and

Digital Art Platform for BTC Inscriptions

A gastronomic immersive theatre (in Dubai) that combines haute cuisine, unique art and visual storytelling.

The Pool is an online platform that allows a new generation of artists to connect with each other and with art professionals. Artists can share their professional practice and exchange experiences on the platform.

Checks is an art project on Ethereum.

A gallery of AI-generated masterpieces. The collection features unique pieces that blend traditional art techniques with cutting-edge technology. Each artwork is a one-of-a-kind masterpiece, created by the world’s most advanced algorithms.

Additional Initiatives

In Q1 2023, .ART expanded its offerings by launching a new system for registering matching .ART ENS names. In March, Matching ENS .ART name registrations were made available at, with over 700 ENS names registered in the first few weeks. Only the verified registrant of a DNS .ART domain can register the matching ENS .ART name, ensuring a consistent identity and brand across Web2 and Web3 for .ART adopters.

Additionally, in Q1 the ART THERAPY INITIATIVE, a charitable program supported by .ART domain sales, was introduced to support and spread awareness of the therapeutic benefits of art, essential in today’s stressful world. .ART launched the Art Therapy Initiative with the funding of a $1 million fellowship for graduate students in the Art Therapy program at The George Washington University.

The registry also continues to innovate ways in which to digitally store evidence of authenticity and the provenance of any art object with its US-patented “Digital Twin” domains utilizing additional WhoIs data fields for recording art object metadata.


The .ART domain’s impressive growth in registrations and usage, robust premium domain sales, and a continued commitment to innovation make it an exciting space for artists, institutions, and industry professionals as well as anyone choosing to express their creativity. As the global .ART community continues to grow and diversify, the domain’s impact on the art world will increase even further.