Seize the opportunity to showcase your art in the pages of Museum magazine, published by the American Alliance of Museums. This award-winning bi-monthly print and digital magazine boasts a readership of over 30,000 museums and museum professionals. Having your credited art featured in this prestigious magazine is a great opportunity for significant exposure within the influential museum and arts community.

In the dynamic world of art and culture, opportunities to exhibit work in esteemed arts magazines is rare. Museum magazine is offering an opportunity for artists from various disciplines. Whether you’re a photographer, illustrator, digital artist, or traditional painter, this could be your moment to shine.

Call for Art

Artists are invited to submit their artworks for consideration in upcoming issues of Museum magazine. Each issue has a theme, and art that creatively reflects the theme has the best chance of being selected.

Selection of Museum magazine past covers

Deadlines and Themes

Health/Wellbeing: Submission deadline – March 18.

The themes provide a canvas for artists to explore and express the nuances and significance of the multifaceted role museums play in fostering health and wellbeing.

Dean Phelus, the Editor in Chief of Museum magazine, recently shared valuable insights about the art selection process in the Meet the .ARTists webinar. If you’re looking to submit your artwork to the magazine, Dean’s segment of the webinar is an excellent starting point to understand what they’re looking for and how to send in your submission effectively.

The Reward: More Than Just Exposure

Apart from the prestige and exposure of in the magazine with a substantial readership, there’s also a tangible benefit. The artist of the selected image will receive a royalty for one-time usage. This acknowledgment not only recognizes the artist’s talent but also their contribution to the art and museum community.

Submission Details – What You Need to Know

To submit your art for consideration, keep in mind the technical requirements: your submission, whether a photo, illustration, digital artwork, painting, or drawing, should be in JPEG or EPS format. The size: at least 8 3/4 inches by 10 7/8 inches, and don’t forget the 300-dpi quality for clear image resolution.

To submit, email your artwork to:

By applying for this unique opportunity, you’re not just showcasing your art; you’re actively engaging in this exciting and dynamic dialogue. Remember, the world of art thrives on new perspectives. Yours could be the next to captivate the readers of Museum magazine! Don’t miss this chance – submit your work today.