Teodorus.art by Cosmoscow – the Online Platform’s Success Story

Cosmoscow International Contemporary Art Fair has launched an online platform ТЕО (teodorus.art) to help both emerging and established art collectors in building and developing their private collections. By integrating informational technologies, TEO offers a wide range of services from buying and selling works of contemporary art to individual online consultations and acquaintance with the latest events of the art world.

Above: “Walking on Clouds” by Margo Trushina, teodorus.art

Today, when the world is facing a pandemic, new horizons are opening up for online art sales. The TEO platform aims to support the business operations of art galleries during this time of crisis.

Cosmoscow international art fair will provide a carefully curated selection of artworks presented on the platform. The fair’s long-term experience weighted in on the most outstanding Russian galleries joining the TEO platform including the following: Artmossphere, Artwin, Azot, Fragment, Futuro, Glaz, Gridchinhall, Heritage, KultProekt, Mirra, Osnova, pop/off/art, Roza Azora, Shaltai Editions, Syntax, Temnikova & Kasela, and HLAM. More than 200 artists are already presented at the TEO platform. From now on, one can get acquainted with the latest works of contemporary Russian artists and purchase them not only at the Cosmoscow fair, which takes place annually in September, but 365 days a year.

There are plans for including up to 50 Russian galleries and for international expansion in the future. Garage Museum of Contemporary Art will also join the project as Cosmoscow 2020 Museum of the Year. As part of TEO, it will present a selection of items from its bookstore including a group of souvenirs commemorating different exhibition projects and selected books from the Garage’s publishing program.

The project is named after Theo van Gogh, the brother of the famous Dutch artist and a successful art dealer. Thanks to his patronage and financial support, Vincent van Gogh was able to fully devote his life to painting and sell his first works. The TEO online platform is aimed at supporting Russian art and building communication between artists and collectors that would be comfortable for both sides.

.art Domains talked to Margarita Pushkina, Cosmoscow Founding Director, and Anna Andronova, Partner and TEO Director, about this new initiative:

During the pandemic, many art institutions turned to the theme of digitalization as one of the main tools for working with the audience and an absolute unifying force. Is the new online platform for sale and promotion of contemporary art TEO the result of the processes caused by the global crisis, or is it the systematic development of the Cosmoscow’s strategic plan?

Margarita Pushkina: We thought about creating this platform long before the pandemic. It is not only a logical continuation of Cosmoscow’s activities, it is a direct expression of its mission and values. In addition to preparing and hosting the annual fair, Cosmoscow is systematically working on strengtheninig the Russian art market and supporting contemporary artists and art collectors. Basically, TEO is exactly the same integration platform, but in an online format. Helping galleries in a difficult situation caused by the pandemic is just one facet. This is a great opportunity to learn new names and make the most convenient purchases for collectors. Artists, widely represented online, also gain access to new audiences.

"Painting and waiting" by Marko Mäetamm, teodorus.art
Unnamed by Oleg Kulik, teodorus.art
Unnamed by Oleg Kulik, teodorus.art
"Red Caviar" by Aleksander Kosolapov, teodorus.art
"Guiding Star" by Dima Rebus, teodorus.art

From my point of view, TEO forms an ecosystem capable of strengthening the identity of the Cosmoscow fair, reaching a new audience and strategically using the forms of knowledge and resources of contemporary art and culture. Am I correctly interpreting the mission of this platform? Which tasks do you set for yourself? 

Anna Andronova: Yes, you are right. It was not for nothing that we named the project after Theo van Gogh, the brother of the famous Dutch artist, who provided him with irreplaceable support. TEO is a reliable assistant and a guide to the world of contemporary art. The platform aims to build communication between artists and collectors that would be comfortable for all the parties involved. It allows you to keep your finger on the pulse of what is happening in the art world and buy art without leaving your home. In the future we plan to expand the circle of our Russian partners to 50 galleries and enter the international market.

TEO provides customized online advice to collectors. Is it going to focus on an audience which would like to start collecting and is taking their first steps in this field? Do you have a mission to raise a generation of new collectors through this initiative?

Margarita Pushkina: The TEO platform can be successfully used both by beginning and experienced collectors. The new generation appears on its own; this is a natural process. We can say this with confidence, having behind us the rich experience of Cosmoscow. Our task is to help them, which is exactly what we are doing within the framework of the Cosmoscow Collectors Club, the Cosmoscow Talks educational program held annually at the fair, art consulting and a number of other initiatives. Considering collecting one of the most important markers of the developed art market, we aim to help budding collectors embark on this exciting journey.

Online presence of TEO is located within the .ART domain zone. Do you feel that the .ART domain zone has provided more than just an online address? 

Anna Andronova: Nowadays there is a huge amount of information and projects in the world, and it is very important to clearly indicate the direction of your activity from the very beginning. We chose the .Art domain zone for a reason. The client is unconsciously immersed in the world of art. Certainly it is more than just an address. For us, the teodorus.art website is an opportunity to be aware of our involvement in the international community and to develop art in the digital sphere, which today is a joint and global task.

Find out more: teodorus.art

Daria Kravchuk
Daria Kravchuk
is a curator and art manager with an MA in Museology from Amsterdam University. Her international projects are focused on the intersection of contemporary art, architecture, urban planning and anthropology. You can connect with her via LinkedIn.