Halloween isn’t all costumes and gore. Our hauntingly magnificent .ART adopters have proven that to us time and time again. For some, Halloween is an art. For others, their art is Halloween. Take a look at some of our supernaturally fantastic adopters below.  

Go Museum – GoMuseum.art  

Go Museum runs a bone-chilling event called Fear Paradise. Visitors of the park are taken to closed rooms boiling with fantasy and illusion. Not for the faint of heart, one can experience nerve-wracking fear and terrible excitement at Go Museum. What’s not so eerie is their wickedly simple domain. 

Ani Costumes – Capybarapeluche.art 

Okay, not all spooky adopters are so frightening. Some are just adorable. This company specializes in costumes for furry friends, so they don’t miss out on Halloween festivities. Turn your cat into a bat or your dog into a killer—in any case, you’ll make your pets monstrously cute. And memorable–just like this domain.  

Maria Agni StrokaMariaAgniStroka.art 

Maria Agni is fiercely unique—her work exists at the uncanny cross section of portraiture and Halloween. Her website features wicked witches and lurking skeletons. She also explores mysticism and the ethereal realm in her work. Her art is as hauntingly distinctive as her domain.  

Romo DesignsRomoDesigns.art 

Romo Designs abandons the grotesque and adopts the beautiful. From sweaters to tank tops, from hats to neck gaiters, their sleek and simple designs have enchanted us. We hope you’re bewitched by their products like we’re bewitched by their dazzling domain.  


Perhaps the words “Halloween” and “boutique” make an eerie combination, but artist Margie Pignataro fearlessly pulls it off. Like a magician redirecting our attention, Pignataro uses the .ART domain to lead us to her Tumblr blog. There, she hosts her unspeakably marvelous works, both imaginative and fantastical.  

Hozzy Artistry – Hozzy.art 

Hozzy Artistry brings ghostly to home décor. Inspired by the works of Italian sculptors, Hozzy sells incense holders that are terrifyingly intricate. From veiled babies to Japanese legends, these spellbinding pieces give us chills. What’s more—they smell as good as this domain reads. 

Bearly ArtBearly.art 

Ba, the wickedly cute mascot of Bearly Art, tells us the sweet story of this initiative. Focused on supporting people in arts and crafts, Bearly Art sells frightfully wonderful products like tapes, glues, and various inks. To spread Halloween fear, they also sell free digital art packages including images of ghoulish creatures, evil black cats, and kind ghosts. The monsters featured on this site are as friendly as their user-friendly domain.  

We know that much of art toils with spirituality, afterlife, fiction, and fantasy. Evidently, your domain can do the same.  

Here are some examples of available domains inspired by this article: 

halloween.art / fright.art / costume.art / haunting.art / ghosts.art / ghostly.art / candy.art / pumpkin.art/ haunted.art / witches.art / skeleton.art / Horror.art / october.art / Trick-or-Treat.art / spiderwebs.art  

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Image by socialneuron from Pixabay.