Winners of the Digital Innovation in Art Award Announced !

Yesterday evening, the 3rd of October, marked .ART’s third edition of the Digital Innovation in Art Award.

A global community of arts and finance professionals flew in to attend the ceremony. The evening took a twist as .ART’s executive director, Ekaterina Kozlova, was reading the results. For the first time in the award history, instead of only one, there were two winners. The twelve candidates shortlisted for the award are all leaders in their fields and the selection process was a challenge to begin with. Investors Allstars and the .ART judge panel admitted that the two nominees were both exceptional at driving innovation in alignment with the award criteria.

Justin Anthony, co-founder of Artwork Archive

Artwork Archive is a cloud-based art database system offering a range of easy to use tools, including inventory and contact management, sales reports and expense tracking.


Joel Kremer, Director of The Kremer Collection

The Kremer Museum is a VR museum, designed by the architect Johan van Lierop that hosts an Old Masters collection of about 75 works collected over the years by George and Ilone Kremer.

Among the guests attending the ceremony, .ART welcomed some of its runners-up including Longping Derek Zhao of ARTEXB, Vivi Kallinikou of ArtRabbit, Rob Anders of Niio, Chengxi Wang of MyMiniFactory, Aretha Campbell of Bridgeman Images, Marco Cappellini of VirtuItaly and Eugene Bogorad of ArtWalls. Attendees from the judging panel included Elena Zavelev and Eugenia Makhlin. Olga Sviblova, director of The Multimedia Art Museum Moscow and Russia’s top museum director, according to Vogue, was also present.

Members of the .ART team on stage with Eugenia Makhlin (member of the judge panel) and Charlotte Hawkins (host).

As the number of nominees grows every year, .ART looks forward to seeing innovators who would like to participate in the next edition. Stay tuned on our channels for future announcements.

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.ART Team
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