“A Beautiful Game” website allows users to watch a creative ‘replay’ of each of the World Cup games, where additions are made to the piece based on what occurred during the game. The moving picture associates the events of the match with the geometric symbols below.

The result is a unique and colorful geometric representation resembling the works of Piet Mondrian that provides a picture of the game as a whole. Each completed work evidences the final score, as well as the other game highlights.



Uruguay 3-0 Russia match summary by “A Beautiful Game”



Spain 2-2 Morocco match summary by “A Beautiful Game”



Germany 2-1 Sweden match summary by “A Beautiful Game”



Iran 1-1 Portugal match summary by “A Beautiful Game”

When the viewer watches the ‘replay’ of the game, the names of the players involved in any of the events flash below the screen with the timing included. The only exception is the attacks, which are added randomly because FIFA doesn’t make the timing of the attacks available.

Creator, Benjamin Schudel, loves digital storytelling and undertook a similar project for the UEFA Euro 2016. This project was named on the Visualising Data ‘Best of the visualisation web for June 2016’ list.

We are pleased to host Benjamin’s project on .ART. Find more of the mesmerising pieces

at a-beautiful-game.art.