Why have a domain name and how to make the most of it

May 9, 2017

A domain name is an identification string that can be your personal permanent identifier on the internet. Domain names are unique and so will be uniquely attributable to you or your organization – sort of internet real estate. Domains have become an integral part of modern digital strategy, whether used for building brand identity, displaying work on a website, for intellectual property protection, or as an investment.

A domain and a website is a necessary complement to your social media strategy. Recent trend data from Twitter and other sources reveals a declining rate of conversion from social media channels to purchases. There is also a negative correlation between the use of hashtags and click-through rates. The development of the digital landscape has already demonstrated a degree of cyclicality and, as much as the world of art becomes more digital, the digital culture itself is going back to the heart of the online identity – the website. According to businesswire.com, even with social media and search engines added to the mix, 85% of the internet-using public still type in domain names into the address bar when they’re looking to engage with businesses online.

What makes a good website? Great content, of course. But a great domain name can be vital to your mission. The name should match the business, strengthen your brand, build your authority, and set you apart from others in your field. Your domain could and should be unique and memorable. Let’s look at real life examples. Companies have invested heavily (over $1MM) to find a shorter, more memorable name (e.g., Sumo.com (the former SumoMe.com), and Mint.com (the former MyMint.com). As a result, both companies have overtaken various competitors and risen to the top of their industry.

Many renowned galleries and museums have already adopted short, memorable .ART names (at a fraction of the price paid for a .com name). The Marina Abramovic Institute, for instance, has switched over from www.mai-hudson.org to www.mai.art, which is certainly a more unique and representative name.

.ART is your chance to purchase a domain name that will immediately identify you as a bona fide member of the art community and a safe, reliable place for internet users to visit. Your Search Engine results can improve when there is a semantic link between your domain name and the top-level name, “art.”

Short, unique, or personal names are often unavailable in older domain zones, so joining .ART is a unique opportunity to explore linguistic possibilities that represent your brand, project or idea.

The question is not how much a domain name costs, but how much value the right domain name can bring you your business.



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