As the .ART community grows in size and more new domain names become projects, we would like to launch a series of .ART success stories, which will let us explore who are the people buying .ART, how they relate to the worlds of technology and art, and find out how they correlate domain names and their work.

First in the series is Andrea Monzini, who recently purchased ten .ART domain names, all related to his ongoing projects. He is currently developing new digital pictures, metal statues, 3D digital galleries, augmented reality and virtual reality art projects. He elaborates: “With the augmented reality visitors will use their devices to reveal art contents while with virtual reality they will be immersed in a 3D art experience.” Andrea’s work process is also highly reliant on digital methods, including free so ware like Blender, Armory, Godot, Krita and GIMP.

It comes as no surprise that Andrea is so understanding of the .ART vision: “In a world where we receive an overflow of information, I think .ART could be an opportunity to recognise and filter information related to art and it could improve communication between the different parts of the art community. Besides, .ART is a suffix of only three letters like .com and in the future it could become a standard for artists and websites related to art. For me the decision to register .ART domains is also an important personal step towards an increased focus on the art projects that I would like to bring to life.”

In the modern world technology and art are always connected, either during production, distribution or consumption. Andrea adds: “In fact the term technology is related to the Greek word “téchne”( τ χνη ) and it can be translated as “art”. Domain names might not be something we think about right away, but they are an integral part of the Internet and its codes of conduct. In a way, a domain name is a dress code an individual or organization choses to use for self-identification, .ART being a good investment for anyone who thinks of what they do as art.