Featured image: by Demetrios Psillos

With a range of royal-related events: the Queen’s funeral, the new appointments and – let’s face it – gossip, it’s no surprise someone has snapped ROYAL.ART! Whether it will be used to feature art related to Queen Elizabeth’s era, of which there is plenty, or to celebrate the monarchy all over the world, we’re looking forward to see what it would feature! 

This week .ART was also joined by Otto Fischer on OTTOFISCHER.ART. Not quite sure whether it’s Anton Otto Fischer, who was an illustrator for the Saturday Evening Post, or painter and lithographer Otto Fischer, who was born in Leipzig in 1870. 

While first name domains FABRIZIO.ART and ELLA.ART are still waiting to host content, ALPS.ART is home to an artistic portfolio (that doesn’t seem to be related to the mountain chain0. 

Exceptional generic domains like HAIKU.ART, PERPETUAL.ART and BOX.ART have also been sold this week – way to go!