Medina Kasimova, the leading artist at .ART Domains, participated in the Private Charity Auction on May 14, 2024, presenting her painting “Victory over Chaos.”

The Private Charity Auction focused on the pervasive sense of instability felt globally. The theme of “vertigo” (French for dizziness) was chosen to encapsulate the disorientation and imbalance many experience today. This year’s auction highlighted the fragility of human existence in the ever-changing world, steering the narrative towards the overwhelming events that challenge our existence.

Anastasia Ivanova, Director of the Foundation behind the auction, commented, “The concept of ‘Vertigo’ – in other words, dizziness – aptly captures the state of many in today’s world. The sensation of striving for balance amidst collapsing certainties is something we all can relate to […] Artists experience and reflect in different ways everything that happens in the surrounding reality, this can be seen in their works.”

Artist Medina Kiasimova with Reikhan Kasimova, her mother and .ART Co-Founder

Victory over Chaos,’ also existing as a Digital Twin on the platform—an all-in-one digital identity solution for art and culture—was one of the 25 lots featured at the auction. The final bid tripled the initial price. Proceeds from the auction will support free artistic creativity, contemporary art education, and museum collection expansions. 

Medina Kasimova has a diverse artistic background, with a primary focus on painting, graphics, stained glass, and mosaics. With over 600 works in her portfolio, Kasimova has been exhibited in prestigious art institutions worldwide. As the leading artist at .ART, her work is integral to the company’s visual identity. Her portfolio is showcased on

“Victory over Chaos” marks the beginning of a series exploring the disruptive nature of chaos, fear, and destruction, particularly as influenced by human behaviour. Kasimova’s intricate depiction features mythical elves symbolising diverse cultures, languages, and histories, engaging in a battle against an embodiment of chaos. Set against a backdrop of blue hues representing purity and hope, the painting conveys a powerful message of triumph, where goodness and wisdom prevail to restore harmony.