The .ART team at Miami Art Week  

Miami Art Week was as captivating as it was colossal. The .ART team spent a few days trying to consume it all. From Art Basel to peripheral fairs and events, we got to see an enormous array of art.  

The weeklong event was conceived just 21 years ago. Despite its youth, Miami Art Week has cemented itself as one of the art world’s most anticipated events. It’s no wonder why: between Art Basel being held in the tremendous Miami Beach Convention Center and the abounding side events, Miami Art Week is easily one of the greatest celebrations of art. Being as prestigious as it is, it’s no surprise that our adopters were majorly present.  

First, we walked through a spectacular event held by NADA, the New Art Dealer’s Alliance. In a sea of remarkable art, we were particularly struck by the quantity and quality of exquisite sculptures. And of course, by Dubai-based gallery, Carbon12 ( We got to speak with gallerist Kourosh Nouri, who told us a bit about the work he was exhibiting. A pioneer of Dubai’s contemporary art scene, Carbon12 was conceived by Kourosh and Nadine Knotzer, to revive the international art program in Dubai. Now, they’ve cultivated the artistry of several contemporary artists such as Anthony Olubunmi Akinbola.   

Art Basel Miami 

Departing from NADA, we sojourned to Art Basel. First, we stopped by the booth of premiere blue-chip gallery, OMR ( OMR is a contemporary art gallery based in the Roma district, reputable as the leading art scene area in Mexico City.  

Image via OMR

Next, we visited the booth of Millan ( Millan is an art gallery based in Sao Paolo, Brazil. They work with active artists, curating an incredible breadth of contemporary work.  

Image via Ana Pigosso

While voyaging through Art Basel, we bumped into artist and .ART adopter, Shantell Martin ( Shantell Martin has an incredibly distinct style which she’s displayed on a plethora of projects ranging from large-scale installations to the New York City Ballet!  

We also discovered the work of Ghanaian sculptor, El Anatsui ( El Anatsui is widely known for his bottle-top installations, comprising of thousands of flattened liquor labels and bottle tops. In doing so, he evokes the history of importing alcohol to Africa via the transatlantic slave trade.   

Image via El Anatsui

Other .ART Adopters at Miami Art Week 

Then, we journeyed to the booth of Goodman Gallery ( Since 1966, Goodman Gallery has played an integral role in defining the contemporary South African art scene. Through public programming and with locations in Johannesburg, Cape Town, London, and New York, Goodman Gallery encourages access to art. 

Image via Goodman Gallery

We also got to see the work of renowned conceptual and performance artist, Marina Abramović ( Marina Abramović uses the .ART domain for MAI, or the Marina Abramović Institute. MAI is dedicated to fostering new kinds of performance art while simultaneously honoring and archiving historic works.  

Once our time at Art Basel came to a close, we ventured to Red Dot Art Fair in Wynwood. This convention center was slightly more condensed, but nevertheless brimming with contemporary art. There, we found .ART adopter Resh Ramrattan ( Resh Ramrattan is a self-taught artist from Guyana who was exhibiting her large scale, spellbinding works at Red Dot Miami for the first time ever.  

Image via Resh Ramrattan

We proceeded to Faena Forum where .ART adopter Gateway ( hosted an event celebrating the web3 movement. There, Gateway exhibited mesmerizing digital art, including an entrancing piece by new media artist Refik Anadol. We were also excited to see a booth held by Mercedez Benz ( Paralleling the interactive opportunities of digital art, Mercedez allowed visitors to play arcade-like driving games.  

Neighboring the booth of Mercedez was an inspiring installation called the “Pixels of Possibilities”. The sign accompanying the installation instructed viewers to grab a colored peg and write a dream they believe is globally achievable. Then, viewers are encouraged to push these pegs through the holes of a black wall nearby. The result is a co-created, neon mural, shining with the collaborative spark of its hopeful participants.  

Final words by the .ART team 

Though we were sad to leave, we were excited about the end—that is, the event that closed out our Miami Art Week experience. The .ART team attended a party hosted by Rug Radio where we got to see some stylish works of digital art. 

We feel lucky to have absorbed so much beauty, innovation, and creativity. However, beyond merely witnessing the art, we hold these kinds of events particularly dear because they present the opportunity of interaction—interaction with new artists, established galleries, and of course, our diverse group of .ART adopters. Check out our vlogged experience here: