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We learned (fairly fast) that new year resolutions won’t stick through the year. People who buy a gym membership will go for a few weeks, maybe a few months – then stop going. So, in 2022, we say no more resolution – let’s kick the new year with a list of things we want to be grateful for in 2022, small things we want to work on – maybe a healthy bucket list and setting positive intentions. Setting our stage for success, not failure. There are a few ways to put the odds in our favour:  

  • Plan a little while at the time – 3 weeks to a full month  
  • Be ok with adjusting or pushing a deadline 
  • Enjoy the art of dolce far niente – doing sweet nothing is productive, resourcing is needed, and we need to make it part of our self-care routine.
  • See friends, bounce ideas; sounding boards are great to have, don’t hesitate to ask for help! 
  • If you are the type that can resist setting goals or making a to-do list, make sure that you set a realistic and S.M.A.R.T. type of goal!  
  • Get the wisdom of others from people you admire to reading their memoirs – they can be close or far – just remember to send a personal note with your invitation to connect!  

New Year, New WEBSITE!
If you want to use some of your holiday time to create the perfect website – we have a free website builder that is easy to use and won’t require any coding skills. You can see how some have used it creatively with little touches that enhance the final results. If you want something more complex but aren’t sure where to start, we suggest that you look at What Makes a Good Artist Website? Art Critic Paddy Johnson Has Answers. Finally, remember to email or D.M. us with your latest creation so we can promote your domain to our community!  

New Books to Read!
In 2021 we launched our Book Club – the idea is simple, sharing ideas and thoughts about art subjects and generating conversation. They are also an opportunity to give back to our community by giving books each time. While we had a total of 5 books in 2021, we are aiming for a new book per month each time in 2022! Keep an eye on our Instagram for the next one which will be announced later in January!  

Be Inspired by the Words of Others!
We have increased the number of interviews we did in 2021 as we think learning from other artists, writers, gallery owners, community leaders, and more is important. It is part of engaging in a broader discourse and opening ourselves to alternative viewpoints and daily interaction. From Davida Nemeroff to Alek Paik and Dread Scott, Kemi Ilesanmi Gilda Williams or William Deresiewicz – find all our interviews on our blog! Also, make sure to get back often – our following interview will be published sometime in January and is with author and artist Lilianne Milgrom.  

Extract from our conversation with Alex Paik – artist, founder of Tiger Strikes Asteroid, community member and father. Read the rest of the interview here.  

E.L.: How do you juggle | balance your time and energy between all these projects?  

I get asked this a lot. The short answer is: I don’t! Between TSA, my studio practice, and being a full-time dad to two daughters (including a one-year-old), my time and energy is constantly pulled in many directions at once. What I try to do is think of things in terms of seasons. For example, this past year has been a season where I need to focus on taking care of my family, so TSA and my studio practice have taken a back seat for now. I still keep my studio and TSA going but try not to stress too much if I’m not as productive as I have been in the past. There will be busy seasons when TSA or my studio practice will demand more attention, so the other aspects of my life will take a back seat accordingly. I try to keep a long view of my studio practice — as long as I keep things moving, it doesn’t matter how slowly or how quickly things are going.  – Alex Paik

Looking Towards the Future – . A.R.T. Blog Version 2022!  

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We also want to take the opportunity to ask you what you want to read on our blog in 2022? What kind of article interests you? What topic should we do a deep dive into? From expert advice to practical success tips, interviews and news – make suggestions about our content – you have a voice, and we want to hear it!  

Email us at media@art.art or D.M. us on social – we look forward to shaping our content to what you want to read! . A.R.T. was created with the mission of supporting our community, of developing ways to help artists in their professionalization and making a living off their art. Therefore, it is critical to us that the community’s needs and desires are reflected in what they find on our blog!