Why .ART if your .com works just fine?

What is culture? Over two millennia ago Roman philosopher Cicero gave it the first definition referring to intangible things - cultivation of the soul. While the culture’s primary and literal sense - agricultural growing, cultivation - is based on material needs of the world’s population, its figurative meaning is applied to the spiritual needs of human beings.

There’s no wonder that the same logic of movement from daily and vital necessities to the intangible and spiritual ones we can trace in the development of the Internet. Old domain zones have been around since 1980s (wow!), they are old as the internet itself. .ART appeared only few years ago when a need for such a zone for arts and culture emerged.

You can be a brilliant and successful artist, art institution or art-related business, you may have an established online presence, but still you’d better switch your website to .ART. Why?

Each creative path comes to a turning point when you don’t want to do more of the same – you want to do something different, something bigger. It might be taking on a project in a different industry, trying yourself in a new medium or creating a consistent visual gallery of your artwork that’s not commercial-oriented. Or maybe you had that one exhibition that are still proud of, and you want it to live on forever. Your .com website will always be a shop window for what you do – all .com domains are made to sell. Meanwhile, .ART can hold your legacy. And if you are an artist .ART will become your museum with no walls.

.ART is now rapidly becoming a digital dress-code for the whole world of arts and culture. Using the right domain name extension will help you find the best and most beautiful name for your website. You can make you TLD meaningful and specific. The proper TLD in this case would be a relevancy signal for people and search engines and also work for your image and reputation. People will have a better understanding of what you do and – with a proper website name – of what your art is all about. That’s easy: if users search for some art-related information, they will be more willing to click a site with the .ART extension.

And still this will help in your business while we are witnessing art becoming a growing sector of the economy. Louvre, Amazon, Apple, Pixar, Swatch, Facebook, Instagram and Bank of America have all chosen to use their .ART domains as a clever marketing tool, redirecting from concise .ART addresses to their existing websites or sections of them.  At www.amazon.art we’ll find all Amazon products related to art: books, drawing materials, paintings, funky socks.

The Cartier Foundation is on .ART as fondationcartier.art  because its goal is corporate philanthropy, not commercial pursuit. An exhibition that took place at Palazzo Fortuny during the Venice Biennale back in 2017 is still on intuition.art because it’s a way of preserving a temporary project in continuity.  This kind of digital differentiation follows a growing trend: not all of your projects are directly related, and yet they form a consistent effort in personal branding. What’s essential in that case is keeping it simple, and .ART lets you do exactly that – creating a dedicated digital space for all of your newly formed creative intentions.

.ART is not just another domain name. Our mission is to collaborate with the artistic and cultural community to invent new and exciting digital services in the name of art and creativity. .ART does this through sponsorship of innovation in art and tech industries, managing various awards and special projects. By getting a .ART domain, you join a growing community of like-minded individuals, sharing their work and collaborating to make the world a more creative place.


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.ART Team
.ART Team
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